RECORD: Darwin, Emma. [1851]. [Reminiscence of Anne Elizabeth Darwin]. CUL-DAR210.13.ED Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by Christine Chua and edited by John van Wyhe 2.2020. RN1

NOTE: Reproduced with permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin.


Annie born Mar. 2 1841

Took her & Willy to Tenby in June 46. with Jane Carter.

Happy child & always well.

Amy & Cicely paid a visit after Lizzy's birth in 1847.

1848. W. & Annie went to Etruria with Brodie. [19 June, Emma Darwin's diary]

Ch. & Willy went to Swanage [22 July 1848, Darwin's personal journal]

Miss Thorley came.

Franky born [16 August] –

Dr. D. died. Nov [13 November]

1849. March went to Malvern

Happy time. [9 March – 29 June 1849]

Large Leghorn hat & black polka.

Dancing lessons at Boughton. Quadrille Duets. Walk up the hill with her & W. found Ch. ill on our return. bought presents for Mrs M. & Martha.


after our return from Malvern Willy & Etty had low fever. [5-11 July 1849]

W. & Annie went to Brighton & Hartfield. [29 August 1849]

On their return ran to meet me at At S.

Scarlet fever in Nov. [Annie, 12 November 1849]

Martha Carter A. went very happy to stay at At. S.

[1850] June a large party of cousins during which time A. began to be unwell & never was well many days together afterwards finding her lessons a great effort & frequently crying especially after she went to bed.

She went with us to Knole

pleasant look in speaking to Miss Bennet. [Mary Bennett, children's nurse]


Aug. went to Leith Hill with Ch. 3 eldest & Lenny. [10 August 1850]

Annie very happy, overfatigued getting bilberries.

She went to Ramsgate in Oct with Miss T [Catherine Thorley]. We joined her.

Bright face on meeting us at the station. Bathed 2 days.

pleasant with Dotty. Windy walk on pier.

Headache & feverishness came on.

fetched mattress to sleep in our room.

The others went the following day a storm all day. [22 October 1850]

Very contented & pleasant.

Came home Oct. 24th, she fell back & I took her Nov 1 to see Dr. H. [Henry Holland].

Her nights became worse about this time. Took her again with Etty Dec 5.

[1851] March Willy's holidays remember her romping with him thro the hedge in the sandwalk. Her first ride with Parslow.


Influenza. Lying on the bed with me. Left. Mar 24. sitting crying on the sofa. Drive with me to Bromley early in the winter, distress at setting out.

Was with her at Betley in 44 I think met the Archer Clives. her alarm when I went to dinner only 3 years old.

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