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The death is announced, at the age of 88, of MRS DARWIN, widow of Charles Darwin, the illustrious naturalist. She died at Down, Kent, on Friday. Mrs. Darwin's maiden name was Emma Wedgwood, and she was the daughter of Darwin's uncle Josiah Wedgwood, and the granddaughter of founder of the Etruria works. She was married to Darwin on January 29, 1839. After their marriage they lived at 12, Upper Gower-street, where they remained until 1842, when the move to Down was made. It was at Down that Darwin died on April 19, 1882. The surviving children of the marriage include Mr. George Howard Darwin, F.R.S., Plinian Professor of Astronomy at Cambridge; Mr. Francis Darwin, F.R.S., University Reader in Botany at Cambridge; and Leonard Darwin, late member for the Lichfield Division of Staffordshire.

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