Dr John van Wyhe

Dr John van Wyhe John van Wyhe is a historian of science at the National University of Singapore. He is the founder and Director of Darwin Online, published fifteen books and lectures and broadcasts around the world.

His research has resolved purportedly intractable mysteries and debunked long-standing myths such as Darwin's so-called delay, when Darwin received Wallace's evolution essay, whether Darwin was really the naturalist on the Beagle, where the legend of Darwin's finches comes from, whether Darwin lost his faith because his daughter Annie died, whether Wallace went to the Amazon to solve "the problem of the origin of species", the myth of Darwin's bodysnatchers and shown that T.H. Huxley was not known as "Darwin's bulldog" as thousands of publications have claimed for a century. Van Wyhe curated the restoration of Darwin's rooms at Christ's College [see here & here] and the Wallace exhibition at Science Centre Singapore. He has led student expeditions to Indonesia to examine nature conservation. He is a member of the British Society for the History of Science, a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London and University Professorial Fellow of Charles Darwin University, etc.

His new book, Darwin: A Companion, has been called "the most amazing book on Darwin ever published" and includes thousands of new discoveries and the most extensive iconography of any historical figure in science.

His book Dispelling the Darkness completely overturns the traditional story of Darwin and Wallace based on the most in-depth research programme ever undertaken on Wallace in Southeast Asia including editing Wallace Online, Wallace's voyage letters and notebooks to modern scholarly standards. As Darwin biographer Janet Browne has written, "the story of Wallace will never be the same again."

See a feature in Prestige magazine, A day in the life, Inside NUS, his YouTube channel, etc. Contact: dbsjmvw@nus.edu.sg

The John Thackray Medal for 2008

Annotated Malay Archipelago
John van Wyhe, Dispelling the Darkness

Charles Darwin in Cambridge
Wallace letters
John van Wyhe, Darwin
Charles Darwin's notebooks from the voyage of the Beagle
John van Wyhe, Charles Darwin's shorter publications 1829-1883
John van Wyhe, Darwin in Cambridge
John van Wyhe, Phrenology
John van Wyhe, Combe's Constitution



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Online publications

Thousands of contributions in Darwin Online cannot be listed here, such as introductions, c. 8500 editorial notes, the editing and updating of the Freeman Bibliographical Database and Darwin Online Manuscript Catalogue etc.

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2005- The Darwin Manuscript Catalogue. The first and most complete union catalogue of Darwin manuscripts and papers ever published.
2005- The Freeman Bibliographical Database. The most complete bibliography of Darwin's writings ever published.
2002-3 Editor of The Victorian Web. Edited and contributed to section: 'Victorian science: An overview'.
British Association for the Advancement of Science
Themes in history of Victorian science
Evolution, progress and natural laws
Science and religion
Sciences of Man
The creation stories of Genesis
Victorian Geology
Charles Babbage (1791-1871)
Charles Darwin (1809-1882) gentleman naturalist
Charles Darwin: gentleman naturalist: A biographical sketch
Chronology of life of Charles Darwin
Charles Lyell (1797-1875) gentleman geologist
George Combe (1788-1858) phrenologist & natural philosopher
Georges Cuvier (1769-1832)
John Tyndall (1820-1893)
Louis Agassiz (1807-1873) palaeontologist and systematist
Richard Owen (1804-1892)
Robert Chambers (1802-71)
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William Whewell (1794-1866) gentleman of science
Views of Victorian Cambridge


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18.07.03 Phrenological Controversy: was it between groups or individuals? British Society for the History of Science annual conference, University of York.
20.05.03 Historicizing contextualism: a new perspective for the history of ideas. History of Political Thought Seminar, Trinity College Cambridge.
24.04.03 The 'diffusion' of science in the nineteenth century: sloppy metaphor or accurate description? Institutkollokvium ved Institut for Videnskabshistorie, University of Aarhus, Denmark.
01.03 George Combe's Constitution of man and the law of hereditary descent. A cultural history of heredity, Max Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin.
27.07.01 Science vs. religion or my gods are better than your gods? The controversies over Combe's Constitution of Man 1826-60. 'Quarrels, Polemics and Controversies', International Society for Intellectual History, Trinity College, Cambridge University.
04.01 Old phrenology and new neuroscience: false accusations? Images of the Mind, Anthropology Department, Goldsmiths College, University of London.
17.03.01 Phrenology: an international science. European conference on physiognomy. École Normale Supérieure, Paris.
27.11.00 Spurzheim: co-founder of phrenology or plagiarist? Cabinet of Natural History (Cambridge Group for the History of Natural History), HPS Cambridge University.
31.01.00 Travels of a Craniologist: Franz Joseph Gall and his European lecture tour 1805-1807. Cabinet of Natural History (Cambridge Group for the History of Natural History), HPS Cambridge University.
12.01.00 "phrenological, which is another word for natural": Reassessing the British phrenology debates 1815- c. 1830, British Society for the History of Science Conference, HPS Cambridge University.


2021, 02.27 Commemorating Charles Darwin. Darwin Day, Humanist Society Singapore.
2020, 10.31 Who Roam The World? Girls! Singapore Writers Festival.
2020, 08.28 The first female tourist: The amazing Ida Pfeiffer. The Asian Civilisations Museum and the Friends of the Museums, Singapore.
2020, 08.26 Wallace's help: The many people who aided A.R. Wallace in the Malay Archipelago. Usk Civic Society, Wales.
2019, 06.28 Thinking critically with history. Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia.
2019, 06.27 Writing Wallace's Malay Archipelago. Makassar International Writers Festival 2019. Makassar, Indonesia.
2019, 02.26 Re-tracing Wallace's footsteps in Southeast Asia. Anderson Junior College, Singapore.
2019, 02.23 Raffles as naturalist. Darwin Day. Humanist Society (Singapore).
2018, 10.12 The Malay Archipelago. Wallace, Wallacea & Indonesia. Wallacea week 2018. National Library, Jakarta, Indonesia.
2018, 10.11 Wallace's Malay Archipelago. Wallace, Wallacea & Indonesia. Wallacea week 2018. National Library, Jakarta, Indonesia.
2018, 07.09 Featured speaker at STEER Homecoming, NUS.
2017, 11.25 In search of the historical Wallace. Conversations: Underlying Nature, The ArtScience Museum, Singapore.
2017, 10.17 In the footsteps of Wallace and the natural history of Indonesia. Lazuardi Cordova Global Islamic School, Jakarta.
2017, 10.16 Alfred Russel Wallace: The collector in Southeast Asia. Wallace, Wallacea & Indonesia. Wallacea week 2017. National Library, Jakarta, Indonesia.
2017, 08.31 Ida Pfeiffer: The greatest female traveller and collector, Science café, Singapore.
2017, 03.08 (with Frans de Waal) Being human: ethics, religion and our ancestry. Yale NUS College, Singapore.
2017, 02.27 Wanderlust: The amazing Ida Pfeiffer. Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore.
2016, 08.25 Keynote lecture. Komodo expedition. The conservation conversation. UTown, NUS.
08.06.2016 Charles Darwin's sexy barnacles. NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore
09.26.2015 In search of the historical Wallace. Science Centre Singapore, NUS Faculty of Science Alumni lecture.
06.20.2015 Keynote lecture. Asian Humanism Conference 2015.
13.05.2015 Who was Ali? Galerie Steph. Singapore.
03.21.2015 Historical myths. TEDxNUS, National University of Singapore.
01.11.2014 The World Before Singapore. Singapore Writers Festival.
31.10.2014 The prospects of a garden city [moderator]. Singapore Writers Festival.
07.31.2014 Darwin and Wallace. National Library of Singapore.
21.07.2014 The natural history of Singapore. History Festival, National Museum of Singapore.
26.06.2014 How evolution was uncovered by creationists. Science café, Singapore.
27.05.2014 Will the real Alfred Russel Wallace please stand up? Hay Festival, Hay-on-Wye.
13.12.2013 Dispelling the Darkness: The True Story of Darwin, Wallace and the Discovery of Evolution in Southeast Asia. Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore.
20.11.2013 Keynote lecture. Launch of Island adventurer: Alfred Russel Wallace, Science Centre Singapore.
10.11.2013 Popularizing science. Singapore writers festival.
23.10.2013 A.R. Wallace: Specimen collector (and naturalist). Alfred Russel Wallace and his Legacy - Wallace100 conference. The Natural History Museum (London).
21.10.2013 Wallace and Darwin: what really happened? Alfred Russel Wallace and his legacy. The Royal Society. click for audio
19.10.2013 How we found out evolution is true. TEDxNTU.
15.08.2013 Booklaunch: Dispelling the darkness. Bookhaven, NUS, Singapore.
04.07.2013 Wallace's eureka moment: The discovery of natural selection. The Natural History Museum (London).
23.02.2013 The life and achievements of Darwin. Darwin Day. Woodlands Regional Library, Singapore.
27.04.2012 Alfred Russel Wallace in South East Asia: the true story. Asian Civilizations Museum.
13.04.2012 Darwin & Wallace. The Mystery Solved. Science in the Café, Science Centre, Singapore.
12.02.2012 Charles Darwin. Humanist Society of Singapore.
11.02.2012 Charles Darwin the true story. National Geographic, Vivo City, Singapore.
14.11.2011 Alfred Russel Wallace in South East Asia: the true story. Asian Civilisations Museums Singapore.
21.04.2011 Solving the Darwin-Wallace Mystery of 1858. Asian Research Institute, National Museum of Singapore.
16.03.2011 Darwin day. Blinkbl_nk, Brewerkz at Riverside Point, Singapore.
12.02.2011 Darwin Day. Humanist Society of Singapore.
27.01.2011 Science lunchtime talks, Faculty of Science, NUS.
16.10.2010 Debunking myths about evolution. TEDxNUS, NUS.
09.02.2010 San Diego State University, California.
07.02.2010 Keynote lecture. Stanford University, California.
07.02.2010 Why Darwin really gave up Christianity. The Humanist Community of Silicon Valley, California.
04.12.2009 Porto University, Portugal.
28.11.2009 National Museum of Ireland, Dublin.
27.11.2009 Oundle School.
12.11.2009 Darwin Day at Aarhus University, Denmark.
13.10.2009 Darwin Society, Christ's College, Cambridge.
11.10.2009 Ilkley Playhouse Wildman Studio, Weston Road, Ilkley.
26.09.2009 Christ's College Alumni lecture.
26.09.2009 Cambridge Library Group.
23.09.2009 Centre for Life in Newcastle upon Tyne.
16.09.2009 Life and Earth Scientists: SE Asian Gateway Meeting at Royal Holloway, University of London.
09.09.2009 Department of History, NUS.
07.09.2009 Department of Biological Sciences, NUS.
24.07.2009 Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.
27.06.2009 University of Northampton.
22.06.2009 NUS.
13.06.2009 Cambridge Local Girton Association, Girton College, Cambridge.
22.05.2009 University of Birmingham.
16.05.2009 Darwin in London. Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons & Grant Museum of Zoology.
06.05.2009 Cambridge University atheist & agnostic society, Cambridge Union.
21.04.2009 Mid-Maine Global Forum, Waterville, Maine.
20.04.2009 Colby College, Waterville, Maine.
17.04.2009 Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Cincinnati.
16.04.2009 University of Cincinnati, Ohio.
10.04.2009 Huntingdon Library, Los Angeles, California.
09.04.2009 Oklahoma University.
08.04.2009 University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Wisconsin.
04.04.2009 Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center, Colorado.
03.04.2009 American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Chicago.
01.04.2009 Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio.
30.03.2009 Boston University, Massachusetts.
28.03.2009 Ramsbottom Lecture, Society for the History of Natural History, National Museum of Wales.
12.03.2009 Clare College Research Symposium 2009.
22.02.2009 National History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen.
13.02.2009 Winchester Discovery Centre.
12.02.2009 Christ's College, Cambridge.
09.02.2009 University of St Andrews.
5-6.02.2009 Natural History Museum, Milan.
26.09.2008 What Darwin really said about humans. British Council, Cafe Scientifique. Athens-Sofia.
19.09.2008 Darwin's life. Shrewsbury School, Shrewsbury.
07.05.2008 Charles Darwin – his life and legacy. Residencia de Estudiantes, Madrid, Spain.
08.02.2008 A century of celebrating Darwin: The evolution and extinction of historical myths. Darwin industries Inc. Getting in gear for 2009. University of Aarhus, Denmark.
14.11.2007 Rediscovering Darwin: The real story of Darwin's finches. 11th Annual Grant Lecture, Grant Museum of Zoology, University College London.
20.10.2007 Launch of Darwin Online. Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities, Cambridge University.
22.09.2007 Did Darwin really avoid publishing his theory of evolution? Alumni lecture, Christ's College, Cambridge.
15.09.2007 Darwin's delay. Alumni lecture, Christ's College, Cambridge.
07.07.2007 Darwin and Christ's College. Alumni lecture, Christ's College, Cambridge.
18.04.2007 Did Darwin really delay publishing his theory for many years? Natural History Museum, London.
26.04.2006 Darwin's Finches. Icons of the Galapagos, British Library.
28.09.2005 Darwin and evolution. Natural History Museum, Aarhus, Denmark.
28.09.2005 Darwinising the history of ideas. Society for the History of Ideas, Aarhus University, Denmark.
23.03.2003 What is science popularisation? History of Science Popularisation, University of Aarhus, Denmark.
28.12.2001 Naturforscher oder Scharlatan? Der Schädellehrer Franz Joseph Gall (1758-1828). Sitzungssaal of the Rathaus of Weil der Stadt, Germany.

Professional Activities

2019- Editorial Board of Archives of natural history.
2012- Professorial Fellow of Charles Darwin University, Australia.
2011- Fellow of Tembusu College, NUS.
2011- Organizer of the Work-in-progress seminar, Tembusu College.
2010- Scientific Associate, The Natural History Museum (London).
2010-11 Joint Appointment to the University Scholars Programme, NUS.
2009- Senior Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences and Department of History, NUS.
2009- Associate of the Science, Technology & Society (STS) Cluster, FASS, NUS.
2009- Associate of the Asia Research Institute (ARI), NUS.
2009- Fellow of the Linnean Society of London.
2009- Editorial Board of The evolutionary review.
2007-9 Darwin 2009 Committee, University of Cambridge.
2005-9 Editorial Board of Centaurus.
2005- Life member of the Biological Society, University of Cambridge.
2005-10 Bye-Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge.
2005-9 Member of Regents House, University of Cambridge.
2005-8 Director of the Wheeler Library of the British Society for the History of Science.
2005-8 Editor of the British Society for the History of Science Monograph series.
2005-8 Member of Council and Trustee of the British Society for the History of Science.
2005 Visiting Associate Professor, History of Ideas Department, University of Aarhus, Denmark.
2003-5 Research Fellow, Correspondence of Alfred Russel Wallace Project, Open University.
2002- Founder and Director of The Complete Work of Charles Darwin online.
2002-3 Senior Research Fellow, University Scholars Programme, NUS.
2002-3 Editor of the Science section of the Victorian Web.
2001-10 Affiliated Research Scholar, Department of History & Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge.
1999- Member of The Cambridge Historical Society.
1999-2000 Organizer of the Pan-historical Methods seminar, History Faculty, University of Cambridge. (An interdisciplinary seminar for presenting specialized historical research to a general historian audience.)

Documentaries etc.

2021, Ida Pfeiffer: 19th Century globetrotter. The Forum, BBC World Service.

2021, [Guest appearance by John van Wyhe] Age of Revelation 末。时代. SAtheCollective and filmmaker Liao Jiekai, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.

2021, Interview with John van Wyhe. Victorian Specimen Collecto‪r. Jobsolete (podcast)

2020, [Komodo dragons]. Komodo-Warane: Gefährdete Überlebenskünstler. ZDF (German TV)

2020, Interview with John van Wyhe. Phrenologist. Jobsolete podcast.

2020, Interview with John van Wyhe on Darwin etc. Atheist Incorporated (YouTube).

2020, Who is Charles darwin and why he changed the world - Ep. 2. by Victor Rault. (YouTube).

2019, Ships that shaped us. Channel News Asia. EP1
EP2. Reviving the Lady Mary Wood.
EP4. Restoring the Fame.

2017, The Sense of Beauty. 6 episodes. Kepach Productions, Italy.

2017, 01 Age of Innovation, 2 episodes. Channel NewsAsia.

2016, The Conservation Conversation. OKJ Discoveries.

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2015, Artemon Films and Sweet Fern Productions (interviews).

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2015, 01 Raffles Revealed. 2 episodes. Channel NewsAsia.

2015, Fortress Singapore. Channel NewsAsia.

2015, Cape to Cape Western Australia.

2014, 01 History from the hills. Fort Canning. Okto, Singapore. 2 episodes:
"The five kings" & "Technology".

2013, Island Adventurer: Alfred Russel Wallace and the Quest for the Origin of Species. Science Centre Singapore.

2013, Various films (filmed on location in Indonesia) played continuously in the Wallace exhibition, Science Centre Singapore.

2013, In Wallace's footsteps in the Malay Archipelago (Pritchard Productions).

2012, The Love Letter (film).

2012, Did Darwin steal the theory of evolution? NUS research clears Darwin's name. NUS Catalyst.

2010, In Darwin's footsteps on Tahiti. VPRO Dutch TV.

2010, Beagle: in the wake of Darwin. Part 24, (2 episodes): 'Darwin's nightmare' & 'The fiery breath of Alfred Russel Wallace' VPRO Dutch TV.

2009, British Council Podcast.

2009, Charles Darwin. Environnement. (XD Productions, France).

2009, Découverte: Un Dimanche avec Darwin. SRC/HD Radio Canada TV.

2009, Darwin in Cambridge. Fitzwilliam Museum Endless Forms podcast.

2006, Darwin's Beagle diary. BBC Radio 4's Book of the Week.

2001, Psychic live time, Granada Cable TV.

2001, Revealing Secrets: Phrenology. Channel 4 TV.

2001, Victorian calling cards: George Combe. BBC Radio 4.

2000, Phrenology, revealing the mysteries of the mind. Bfs Entertainment (2 hour video documentary).

Outreach & Media

Select media interviews and documentaries etc. (excluding indirect media coverage, for which see: Press)


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Historical consultant:

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