Selected press & media notices of Darwin Online

Darwin Online is the largest and most widely used publication on Darwin in history. It has received unprecedented media and public attention for a scholarly research project in the history of science.

2019, 05 Dr John van Wyhe: Transformative expeditions. Inside NUS.

2018, 10.11

2018, 10.11 Bisnis Indonesia.

2018, 10.08 Dispelling the Darkness cited in The Washington Post.

2018, 07.30 Origin of the species: where did Darwin's finches come from? The Guardian.

2018, 05 Darwin Online — The Authoritative Resource for Darwin's Life and Work Offers Valuable Insights to Students and Teachers.

2018, 03.12 Sailing the Krakatoa seas. NUS News.

2018, 02 Darwin's fossils. Forbes Magazine.

2018, 01.22 First things.

2018, 01.15 Alter a species: Darwin’s shopping list.

2017, 12.28 Washington Post.

2017, 11.24 Darwin and the origin of species. NUS News.

2017, 12.27 Kompas (Indonesia)

2017, 10.18 Melihat Tengkorak Manusia Purba di Perpustakaan Nasional. Kompas (Indonesia).

2017, 10.17 [John van Wyhe report] Wallace Terinspirasi Nusantara. Kompas (Indonesia), p. 14.

2017, 10.16 [John van Wyhe interview] KBR radio Jakarta.

2017, 10.16 [John van Wyhe interview] CNN Indonesia.

2017, 10 [John van Wyhe’s BSHS conference lecture] Investigación y Ciencia, n. 493. Scientific American (Spanish edition)

2017, 09.18 Charles Darwin: Victorian Mythmaker by AN Wilson – review. The Guardian

2017, 09.07 [John van Wyhe on Darwin.] The Spectator.

2017, 09.07 [John van Wyhe on Darwin.] BBC Radio 4.

2017, 06.22 Into the heart of Borneo. NUS News.

2017, 06.21 Ternyata Ilmuwan Temukan Teori Evolusi Di Ternate. Kompas (Indonesia).

2017, 06.05 The island that forever changed science. BBC Travel

2017, 05 Richard Bruggs, Darwin's abominable mystery. Nature ecology & evolution.

2017, 04.10 John van Wyhe, Second wind magazine.

2017, 03.27 Times Higher Education Supplement

2017, The Conservation conversation. (OKJ Discoveries)

2016, 12.29 The Myth of "Darwin's Body-Snatchers" Discover Magazine

2016, 12.27 [Interview with John van Wyhe]. Dezember 1831: Darwin startet mit der Beagle in die Welt. Der Standard (Austria).

2016, 11 John van Wyhe debunks Darwin myths. Why evolution is True, by Jerry Coyne.

2016, 07.19 New Scientist Live broadcast on Dr van Wyhe’s article Darwin's discovery.

2016, 06.02 Up close with sharks and dragons. NUS News.

2016, 04.19 The tree of life: with Darwin from Genesis to genomic. Guardian: The H word.

2016, 03.16 Did Charles Darwin use his children for science? BBC Earth

2016, 02.04 A Day in the Life of Dr John van Wyhe. Treehouse - Tembusu College.

2015, 12 [Feature on John van Wyhe] Standing on the shoulders of giants. Prestige (1 December): 226-227.

2015, 11 Darwin Online was commended by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP), Information Services Group Reference Award 2015.

"At the awards ceremony a short demonstration of the website was made and the audience was very impressed by the scope, quality and arrangement of the site."

2015, 10 Review of Wallace letters. Geographical, 1.

2015, 10.02 Alfred Russel Wallace the “forgotten” hero: Why is Darwin more famous than Wallace? NUS Press.

2015, 09 Review of Wallace letters. BBC Wildlife, p. 97.

2015, 09 Review of Wallace letters. Northern Echo, 21, p. 46.

2015, Review of Wallace letters, Nature Autumn Books Special, p. 5.

2015, 06 Joyce, Stephen. [Review of] The Annotated Malay Archipelago. Asian Review (23 June 2015)

2015 Barnard, Tim. Review of Annotated Malay Archipelago

2015, 04.21 When Darwin met another ape. National Geographic: The Loom.

2015, 02.26 Midland daily news.

2015, 01 Darwin Online selected as part of Annual list of Best Historical Materials selected by RUSA’s History Section

2015, 01.28 Schipani, When real science falls short in Hollywood. Euroscientist.

2015, 01 Wallace's Woeful Wager. Scientific American.

2014. Review of Dispelling the Darkness by Joseph Arditti. Plant Science bulletin  60, no. 4, pp. 215-216.

2014, 12 The Business Times [Singapore] 19 Dec.

2014, 10.09 Für Evolutionäre. Zeit Online

2014, Beagle Library launch. NUS Faculty of Science annual report.

2014, 09 Darwin's nautical library sails online. NUS Knowledge enterprise, p. 13.

2014, 09 Information Today 31.7  (Sep), p. 9.

2014, 08.22 [Interview with John van Wyhe] Science Centre 'ripe for a transformation' Straits Times.

2014, 08.22 Review of Charles Darwin in Cambridge:

2014, 08.01 Nature: images of the month [Beagle library].

2014, 07.23

The week in science. Nature News.

Darwin Online Digitizes the Complete Library of the HMS Beagle. Library Journal.

Darwin's Nautical Library Goes Virtual. Asian Scientist.

Gå på opdagelse i Darwins bibliotek.

How to Lose a Finger, and Other Things I Learned from Darwin’s Library. Discover Magazine.

2014, 07.22 NUS historian re-constructs Charles Darwin’s Beagle Library online. Open Science World

2014, 07.19 Beagle Library

Books on the Beagle. The Scientist.

Darwin's Beagle library digitalized. Digital Journal

This Week In Numbers. Popular Science.




2014, 07.17 Beagle Library

Breakfast show [interview with John van Wyhe] BBC Radio Shropshire. (click for audio)

Breakfast with Red Symons [interview with John van Wyhe]. ABC Radio Melbourne, Australia.

2014, 07.16 Beagle Library

Take a virtual voyage into Darwin's library. Nature.

Beagle Library.

Darwin's complete Galapagos library posted online. Arstechnica

Charles Darwin's on board library goes online. UPI Top News.

Historian re-constructs Charles Darwin's Beagle library online. Phys.Org

Darwin's nautical library goes virtual. National University of Singapore News [and NUS website homepage]

2014, 07.15 Beagle Library

Charles Darwin's evolutionary reading: HMS Beagle's library goes online. The Guardian.

Darwin's ship library goes online. Science Magazine.

The library that kept Darwin company for five years, reconstructed. Hyperallergic.

2014, 07.14 Darwins "Beagle-Bibliothek" steht online. Heise Online

2014, 03-04 Exploring the origins of the human race [interview with John van Wyhe] The kidz parade, pp. 9-11.

2014, 02.24 The fickle flight of Darwin’s Galapagos finches. The Guardian.

2014, 02.20 Social Darwinism. In Our Time, BBC Radio 4

2014, 01.05 On the S-pore trail of a great naturalist. [Interview with John van Wyhe] Straits Times on Sunday, p. 34.

2014, 01 History from the hills. [Interviews and commentary by John van Wyhe] TV documentary, Okto, Singapore.

2014, 01.01 History from the hills. [Interviews and commentary by John van Wyhe] TV documentary, Okto, Singapore.

2014 The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (documentary)

2013, 12 Northern Echo. 16 Dec., p. 8.

2013, 11.30 [Interview with John van Wyhe] Journey of evolution. Straits Times, p. E7.

2013, 11.23 [Interview with John van Wyhe] Charles Darwin: Row over 'cheat' claims on S4C's Alfred Russel Wallace programme. BBC Wales.

2013, 11.11 Wallace letters from the Malay Archipelago New Scientist

2013, 11.07 John van Wyhe, Will the real Alfred Russel Wallace please stand up? [Oxford University Press] OUPblog

2013, 11.07 Thomas Weber, [Review of Dispelling the Darkness] Puzzlesteine aus dem Malaiischen Archipel. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

2013, 11.07 Martin Amrein, [Review of Dispelling the Darkness] Der zu Unrecht Vergessene. Neuer Züricher Zeitung

2013, 11.02 Centenary of Death of Alfred Russel Wallace. Canada Free Press

2013, 11.17 [Review of Dispelling the Darkness] Wallace e Darwin alla luce dei fatti. Pikaia: il portale dell’evoluzione.

2013, 09 What keeps you going? [Interview with John van Wyhe] OSAY, Issue 17 (July-September), p. 5.

2013, 09.15 Bookends [Interview with John van Wyhe] Straits Times on Sunday, p. 18.

2013, 08.15 Darwin did not cheat Wallace out of his rightful place in history. Why evolution is true.

2013, 08.13 Wallace was not forgotten and Darwin did not cheat him. The cabbages of doom.

2013, 08.13 Wallace: Dispelling the darkness. Why evolution is true.

2013, 08.09 Darwin did not cheat Wallace out of his rightful place in history. The Guardian.

2013, 07.29 Review of Dispelling the darkness. The Dispersal of Darwin

2013, 07 NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Science. Research. Publication of the Month. Dispelling the Darkness.

2013, 06.25 New book rewrites how evolution was discovered. Phys.Org

2013, 06.26 Darwin cleared of plagiarism. The Scientist

2013, 06.26 New Book Details Story Behind Co-Discovery of Evolution. Asian Scientist

2013, 06.26 Book dispels myths of evolution theory. NUS Newshub

2013, 06.24 Stonehearth news

2013, 06.24 AlphaGalileo

2012, 12.30 Interview with John van Wyhe on Darwin. Atheist Talk Radio 950AM KTNF in Eden Prairie Minnesota, USA. (click for audio)

Launch of Wallace Online:

2012, 10.24 Channel NewsAsia AM Live (TV) (click for video)
2012, 10.02 Newshub
2012, 10.05 Science vol. 338.
2012, 10.02 Newshub
2012, 10.02 Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore)
2012, 10.01 El Otro Darwin. El Mundo (Spain)
2012, 10.01 [Interview with John van Wyhe] Wallace 'discovered evolution' in south east Asia. BBC News Asia [TV]
2012, 09.29 Historic Collection of Naturalist Alfred Wallace. India Education Diary
2012, 09.29 Obra completa de Alfred Wallace. Veja (Brazil)
2012, 09.28 BBC World TV Newsday
2012, 09.28 Campaign for Wallace to get credit for natural selection. The Argus
2012, 09.28 ScienceOmega
2012, 09.28 Science Illustrated
2012, 09.28 Wallace Online launches. NCSE: National Centre for Science Education
2012, 09.28 Resgate Justo. Ciência Hoje (Brazil)
2012, 09.27 BBC World Service Newshour (click for audio)
2012, 09.27 BBC News online
2012, 09.27 The Guardian
2012, 09.27 NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands) pp. 16 & 17.
2012, 09.27 NaturePlus
2012, 09.27 OU History of Science Collections
2012, 09.27 Phys.Org

2012, 07.2012 Darwin treasure safely retrieved from rubble. The Press (New Zealand)

2012, 05 The Humanist 72.3  (May/Jun), p. 9.

2012, 03.08 The Darwin-Wallace mystery solved.

2012, 03.08 The Darwin-Wallace mystery solved: Darwin vindicated from accusations of deceit. Science daily.

2012, 03.09 Charles Darwin cleared of stealing ideas for theory of evolution... 40 years after historians first accused him. The Daily Mail

2012, 03.09 Darwin cleared of plagiarism at last. TG Daily

2012, 02.16 Darwin und Wallace: Jene eine Stunde im Hafen. Zeit Online. Wissen.

2012, 01 NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Science. Research. Publication of the Month.'A new theory to explain the receipt of Wallace's Ternate Essay by Darwin in 1858'.

2011, 12.13 Darwin Didn't Plagiarize Wallace. TheScientist.

2011, 12.12 Darwin not guilty: shock verdict. Homunculus.

2011, 12.12 Shipping timetables debunk Darwin plagiarism accusations. Nature news.

2010, 09.10 Out of Darwin's shadow. NUS brings to light works of the other Great Naturalist [A. R. Wallace]. Straits Times (Saturday), p. D9.

2010, 09.19 [Interview with John van Wyhe] The Statesman (Durgapur, India)

2010, 03.03 Tremor no Chile em 1835 ajudou Darwin a criar teoria da evolução, diz historiador. BBC Brasil

2010, 03.01 PBS Newshour

2010, 03.01 What 1835 Chile quake taught Darwin. CNN Opinion

2010, 01 John van Wyhe and Anthony in the footsteps of Darwin [in Tahiti]. VPRO (watch video) (YouTube)

2010, 02.07 John van Wyhe lecture: Why Darwin really gave up Christianity. The Humanist Community of Silicon Valley, California.

2010, 01.22 Cosmic Log - Darwin's difficult 'Creation'

2009, 12.31 Richard Kool. Goodbye to Darwin from a contemporary with vision. (Correspondence) Nature 462/24 (31 December): [mentions the 1882 obituary from The Nation Kool did not find in Darwin Online- it is however located here- Dr Kool has since sent scans of his copy here.]

2009, 12.10 The other evolutionist [Darwin and Wallace interview with John van Wyhe] Radio New Zealand National. (click for audio)

2009, 11.04 "Origin" evolves: A new way to read Darwin's classic. Wired

2009, 11.04 [John van Wyhe interview] BBC Arabic Television.

2009, 11.06 Evolution: Darwin and Wallace [interview with John van Wyhe]. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

2009, 11.04 God & Country. U.S. News & world report.

2009, 10.13 [Interview with John van Wyhe on Darwin and Wallace] BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast (click for audio)

2009. 10 As Darwin wrote. [review of Darwin's Beagle notebooks] Nature Geoscience 2: 668.

2009, 09.10 Inside the heart of the scientist. The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada) [referring to the transcription of Darwin's reminiscence of Annie Darwin here.]

2009, 08.02 Extract from John van Wyhe lecture at Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution on YouTube. (watch video)

2009, [On John van Wyhe] Lloydiana. vol. 13., no. 1. (Winter).

2009, 06.24 On the origin of the Darwin myths. Reuters environment blogs.

2009, 06.10 John van Wyhe. Darwin in Cambridge: from Christ’s College to the Beagle. Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge podcast, Endless Forms: Darwin natural science & the visual arts. (click for audio and video)

2009, 05.19 Darwin Census. New York Times Book Review.

2009, 05.15 Digging for Darwin. The New York Times.

2009, 05.05 'I've spent 3 decades deciphering Darwin's personal notebooks' [Interview with Gordon Chancellor] Exeter Gazette, p. 8.

2009, 05 'Scholar rebuts myths about Charles Darwin' [Report on John van Wyhe lecture] News of the history department at Boston University, p. 5.

2009, 04 Dinosaur center celebrates Darwin. Pike's Peak Courier, p. 18a.

2009, 04 Darwin comes to dino center. Pike's Peak Courier View, p. 3a.

2009, 04 Colorado Springs KXRM FOX 21, with Angus Carroll.

2009, 04.09 How Charles Darwin Got Married. Wired.

2009, 04.06 [45 min. interview with John van Wyhe] The Morning Show with Greg Berg. WGTD, NPR Radio (Wisconsin, USA) (click for audio)

2009, 04.07 [60 min. interview with John van Wyhe] Pete & Jan in the Afternoon WRJN Radio (Racine, Wisconsin, USA)

2009, 04 Essex author [Gordon Chancellor] publishes Darwin notebooks. Wyvern. University of Essex, p. 3.

2009, 04.01 John van Wyhe lecture: 'Charles Darwin: the true story' at Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio. (watch video)

2009, 03.29 [Interview with John van Wyhe on Darwin in Cambridge] Euroblick BR3 (t.v.) Germany

2009, 03.27 Darwin Online a ‘monumental achievement’. National Museum of Wales.

2009, 03.25 Darwin war als Student von Kopf bis Fuß ein Gentleman. Hamburger Abendblatt 

2009, 03.24 [Interview with John van Wyhe on Darwin's student bills] Reality Check. FM4 Österreichischer Rundfunk (Austrian radio)

2009, 03.24 Darwin's University Days. History Today

2009, 03.24 Tales of the City. Independent

2009, 03.23 [Interview with John van Wyhe on Darwin's student bills] BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

2009, 03.23 Darwin's student records published. The World Today. ABC Radio (Australia) (click for audio)

2009, 03.23 Charles Darwin's student debts. Guardian podcast.

2009, 03.23 Darwin's 'gentleman' student days. BBC News website.

2009, 03.23 Darwin's College Bills. Science magazine

2009, 03.23 Darwin's bills detailed. Nature

2009, 03.23 Charles Darwin spent more on shoes than books while at university, archives reveal. Mail Online

2009, 03.23 Darwin Archive Reveals Survival of the Most Comfortable. Digital Journal

2009, 03.23 Darwin’s student salad days uncovered. The Herald

2009, 03.23 Darwin 'was a designer shopaholic'. Daily Express

2009, 03.23 Darwin's day-to-day life dug up. Cambridge Evening News

2009, 03.23 Darwins Rechnungen. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

2009, 03.23 Student Darwin bezahlte Kaminkehrer und Schuheputzer. net tribune

2009, 03.23 At Cambridge, Darwin's Natural Selection was comfort, ledgers show. The Chronicle of Higher Education.

2009, 03.23 Flash Darwin. The Sun

2009, 03.23 Darwin 'liked his greens'. Press Association

2009, 03.22 Darwin's university lifestyle uncovered. Guardian

2009, 03.22 Darwin's university lifestyle uncovered. The Observer

2009, 03.22 Darwin: From apes to drapes. Metro

2009, 03.22 Book discovery sheds light on Darwin as student. International Herald Tribune

2009, 03.22 Archives shed light on Darwin's student days. Reuters

2009, 03.22 Darwin ’spent more on food than books during college days’. Silver scorpio

2009, 03.22 Charles Darwin's personal finances revealed in new find. Telegraph

2009, 03.22 Well-heeled Charles Darwin. Telegraph

2009, 03.20 Records of how charles darwin spent his money have been unearthed in Cambridge. Ely Standard

2009, 03.07 El año de Darwin. Le (Argentina)

2009, 03.02 Novinky (Czech Republic)

2009, 02.23 [John van Wyhe on Darwin in Cambridge] NRK (Norwegian radio) (click for audio) & illustrated webpage here.

2009, 02.14 Darwin, la gran idea de la especie [Interview with John van Wyhe]. Clarin newspaper (Argentina)

2009, 02.13 [Interview with John van Wyhe on Darwin's significance]. TalkSport radio.

2009, 02.13 Christ's restore Darwin's room. Varsity, p. 8.

2009, 02.13 [Guided tour of Darwin's rooms at Christ's College by John van Wyhe] BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. (click for audio) [photo gallery click here]

2009, 02.12 Darwin's evolution [Interview with John van Wyhe about the restoration of Darwin's rooms at Christ's College]. (watch video)

2009, 02.12 Moving Darwin into the digital world. NPR Radio (USA) (click for audio)

2009, 02.12 Darwin's dorm recreated. BBC Look East (TV) (watch video)

2009, 02.12 John van Wyhe TV interview Associated Press.

2009, 02.12 Hinschauen, nachdenken, fertig. [Interview with John van Wyhe] Aargauer Zeitung/Mittellandzeitung (Switzerland)

2009, 02.12 The Lede New York Times blog

2009, 02.12 Bärtiges Idol mit scharfem Verstand - England feiert Darwins Genie. Rhein Zeitung

2009, 02.12 The natural selector. [Interview with John van Wyhe on Darwin and economic competition]

2009, 02.12 [Interview with John van Wyhe] Darwin on a Godless Creation. Scientific American

2009, 02.12 Happy birthday Mr Darwin [Interview with John van Wyhe] The economist

2009, 02.12 Welt Online

2009, 02.12 Darwin's Quotes: Not Survival of the Fittest? [Interview with John van Wyhe]

2009, 02.11 El otro Charles. El Mundo

2009, 02.12 [Interview with John van Wyhe] Breakfast. ABC radio (Australia)

2009, 02.11 Reinventing Darwin: Quotable things he never said. [Interview with John van Wyhe]

2009, 02.11 Darwin Speaks: "How faithlessness stalked me". Scientific American

2009, 02.10 Darwin leeft, al is hij dood. de Volkskrant (Netherlands)

2009, 02.10 John van Wyhe lecture: Mind the gap: Did Charles Darwin avoid publishing his theory for many years? Environmental and Evolutionary Biology seminar series, School of Biology, University of St Andrews. (watch video)

2009, 02.08 Prensa Libre (Guatemala)

2009, 02.08 Découverte: Un dimanche avec Darwin [interviews with John van Wyhe] CBC Radio Canada (watch video)

2009, 02.08 "Der grösste Fehlschluss war, Darwin sei gegen Religion" Die Südostschweiz am Sonntag, p. 19.

2009, 02.06 Website of the Week - Darwin Online. Voice of America Radio

2009, 02.05 John van Wyhe lecture 'Where do Darwin's finches come from?'] [Dubbed in Italian] Natural History Museum, Milan. (Watch video)

2009, 02.05 Les oeuvres complètes, en ligne et sur papier. LE MONDE DES LIVRES

2009, 02.03 Darwin's theory is still a hot debate. Cambridge Evening News.

2009, 02.02 Dios vs. el mono Semana (Colombia)

2009, 02.02 Darwin, o agitador Expresso (Portugal)

2009, 02 Missverständnisse um Darwin. Spektrum der Wissenschaft (Germany)

2009, 02 [On John van Wyhe lecture.] St Andrews Courier.

2009, 01.29 [Interview with John van Wyhe] Irish News Talk Radio (click for audio)

2009, 01.27 A la señora Darwin le angustiaba pensar que quizá su marido no compartiría con ella la vida eterna.

2009, 01.21 [Interview with John van Wyhe] The innovative University. BBC Look East (TV) (watch video)

2009, 01.17 Prepara UNAM simposios para el festejo de Darwin. (Mexico)

2009, 01.14 Hay Darwin para rato en 2009. El País (Spain)

2009, 01.12 [John van Wyhe on the Darwin 2009 celebrations]. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast.

2009, 01.12 Das Darwin-Jahr im Internet. [unfortunately this reviewer did not notice that Darwin Online does include works in German.]

2009, 01.09 [Interviews with Gordon Chancellor and John van Wyhe] Hunting the Beagle. BBC Radio 4

2009, 01 Charles Darwin I: Die Anfänge der Evolutionstheorie. BIOspektrum pp. 96-97.

2009, 01 Darwins Leben: Fünf populäre Irrtümer. Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger
2009, Leidenschaftlicher Sammler und Beobachter. Blick [Universität Würzburg] 1 (2009): 20-23.

2009, 01-02 New Zealand Geographic no. 95, p. 69.

2008, 12.12 Darwin, 200 años después. Milenio (Mexico)

2008, 12.18 Darwins Theorien im Netz. Der Tagesspiegel

2008, 12.14 Darwin, discutido 200 años después. El País (Spain)

2008, 12.13 Darwin's room at Christ's College Cambridge. The ScienceShow, ABC Radio (Australia) 'John van Wyhe takes us on a tour of Darwin's student quarters at Christ's College. He describes college life when Charles Darwin was a student and debunks some of the myths that have arisen around Darwin's life.' (click for audio)

2008, 09 [Interview with John van Wyhe about Darwin's views on human descent and missing links] 24 Hours (Bulgaria)

2008, 09.09 Darwin and God [Interview with John van Wyhe] The late show. Talksport radio (click for audio)

2008, 08.03 Wallace, el coautor en la sombra. El País (Spain)

2008, 07.08 [Interview with John van Wyhe] BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast.

2008, 07.05 [Report on van Wyhe paper on Darwin and Otto Hahn at the British Society for the History of Science annual conference in Oxford]:

BBC 1 Breakfast (TV)
BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast (click for audio)
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme (click for audio)

2008, 06.28 Hühnerhaut im Briefkasten. Der kleine Bund, pp. 6-7. (Switzerland)

2008, 06.24 [Interview with John van Wyhe about Darwin-Wallace paper] Moncrieff. NewsTalk radio (Ireland)

2008, 06 Darwin hazinesi. Bilim ve Teknik (Science and Technic) a publication of TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

2008, 05.28 The Book Show [interview with Sue Asscher and John van Wyhe], ABC Australia (Radio) (click for audio)

2008, 05.14 Darwin's marriage and war in Iraq: the missing link. The Financial Times

2008, 05.08 Darwin Online FAZ.NET (Frankfurter Allgemeine)

2008, 05.08 'Don Carlos', el naturalista que hablaba español. El Mundo (Spain)

2008, 05.07 Darwin geht Online. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, p. 3 (Germany)

2008, 05.03-09 Pour Darwin. "Thank you mister van Wyhe". Marianne (France)

2008, 05.05 Darwin in cyberspace. Australian Life Scientist

2008, 05.02 Website of the week Voice of America radio (click for audio)

2008, 05 Darwin's private papers go on-line. Archives, Records management and Conservation newsletter

2008, 04.30 Peter C. Kjærgaard talks about a newly discovered Darwin manuscript found in the Archives of The State and University Library, Aarhus: Middagsmagasinet, TV2 Østjylland, Denmark.

2008, 04.29

2008, 04.25

NPR Radio, 'Darwin's notes and thoughts go online' Morning edition. USA (click for audio)
Times Literary Supplement, p. 3
'Delving into Darwin' Netwatch, Science Magazine

2008, 04.22

ABC Radio Canberra Drive
BBC Radio 4 Hunting the Beagle (click for audio)
Darwin: evolución digital. La Vanguardia (Spain)

2008, 04.21 BBC Radio 4 Hunting the Beagle

2008, 04.20

The Observer
El País (Spain)
El Mundo (Spain)
Corriere Della Serra (Italy)

2008, 04.18

RTE Radio 1, Ireland (interview) (click for audio)
BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright in the afternoon
Chronicle of Higher Education

Birmingham Evening Post
Still evolving. International Herald Tribune
Origin of the spouses. Daily Mail
The Times of Malta
Darwin Online, todo en la Red. ABC.ES
La Republica ( Italy)
et al. ...

2008, 04.17:

Launch of Darwin's private papers. Millions of visitors on the 17th and 18th of April brought Darwin Online a few times to a standstill. In addition to the story being widely reported in the media and online, it was the second most emailed story of the day on the BBC news homepage. In addition to exploring the new online papers and manuscripts, on the 17th readers downloaded 14,000 copies of the first edition of Origin of Species as PDF. See also some of the reader feedback.


ITV Anglia TV
Danish National Evening News


BBC Radio 4 Today Programme (click for audio)
BBC Shropshire
BBC Radio Five Live breakfast (click for audio)
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast
BBC Radio Kent
ABC Australia Breakfast
BBC Radio Five Live Drivetime
BBC World Service, Brazil
BBC Wales

Online archive shows how Darwin's ideas evolved. The Guardian
Online: Darwin's notes from small islands. The Daily Telegraph, p. 3.
On the Origin of Muffin Pudding, by Emma Darwin. New Scientist
Darwin's treasure trove. New Humanist Magazine
Complete Darwin Papers Debut on Internet. Wired.
Darwin's private papers get Internet launch. Christianity Today
Darwin's private papers get Internet launch. Washington Post
Liverpool Echo
Evening Standard

Darwin's private papers get Internet launch. MSNBC
The origin of The Origin Of Species ... First version of Darwin's theory of evolution goes online. Daily Mail
Darwin's private papers launched on the Internet. Financial Mirror
Darwin's private papers get Internet launch. Mirror
Darwin's papers published online. ITWeb South Africa
Anotações pessoais de Darwin são colocadas online. BBC Brasil
Cambridge releases Darwin's writings on Internet. Xinhua, China
Darwin online opens new world. The West Australian
Darwin's first drafts of evolution theory online for first time. Tech Herald
Darwin's private papers get Internet launch. US Daily
Darwin original theory goes online. Channel 4 News
Darwin's private papers get Internet launch. Yahoo news
Darwin's private papers get Internet launch. Scientific American
Darwin original theory goes online. The Press Association
Darwin's private papers get Internet launch. Reuters
GMTV website
Charles Darwin's theories hit the web. Cambridge Evening News
Darwin's diary dumps on Australia. Ninemsn, Australia
Darwin's private papers online. The Australian, Australia
Notes from Charles Darwins works and private life published online., Thailand
monthly newsletter of Leicester Secular Society
Online archive shows how Darwin's ideas evolved.
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
The Age, Australia
Brisbane Times, Australia
Times of India
Agence France-Presse
Channel Nine MSN, Australia
Daily Mirror
France 24
Der Spiegel, Germany
Yorkshire Post
STV (Scottish TV online)
US Daily
Philippines Inquirer
et al . ...

By our sister project Darwin in Denmark:

TV 2 Østjylland 30.4.2008 Middagsmagasinet, Darwinmanuskript i Århus
NyTeknik 24.4.2008 Darwin på webben
CAMPUS 21.4.2008 Darwin på nettet, s. 2 og 4
TV-Avisen DR1 17.4.2008 Darwin er nu frit tilgængelig på nettet
TV2 Østjylland 17.4.2008 Darwin på Aarhus Universitet
Aktuel Naturvidenskab 17.4.2008 Darwin går online
Ingeniøren 17.4.2008 Nu er Darwins samlede værker på nettet
Viborg Folkeblad 17.4.2008 Darwins notater givet som gave til Århus
Viborg Folkeblad 17.4.2008 Darwins notater givet som gave til Århus (2)
Århus Stiftstidende 17.4.2008 Darwins notater givet som gave til Århus
Jyllandsposten 17.4.2008 Århus med i Darwin-projekt
Kristeligt Dagblad 17.4.2008 Hemmelige Darwin-papirer frem i lyset
Politiken 17.4.2008 Dansk projekt belyser Darwins teorier
Ekstra Bladet 17.4.2008 Darwins private noter på nettet
Berlingske Tidende 17.4.2008 Stort projekt kaster lys over Darwin
BT 17.4.2008 Stort projekt kaster lys over Darwin
Fredericia Dagblad 17.4.2008 Stort projekt kaster lys over Darwin
Fyens Stiftstidende 17.4.2008 Stort projekt kaster lys over Darwin
Fyns Amts Avis 17.4.2008 Stort projekt kaster lys over Darwin
Horsens Folkeblad 17.4.2008 Stort projekt kaster lys over Darwin
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