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Lectures & documentaries

Darwin's Beagle diary, (click for audio)

How we found out evolution is true. TEDxNTU. (YouTube)

2017, The Conservation conversation. (OKJ Discoveries)

2015, Historical myths. TEDxNUS (YouTube)

2010, John van Wyhe in the footsteps of Darwin in Tahiti. VPRO (YouTube)

Island Adventurer: Alfred Russel Wallace and the Quest for the Origin of Species. (YouTube)

2014, Will the real Alfred Russel Wallace please stand up? Hay Festival, Hay-on-Wye. (YouTube)

2010, Beagle: in the wake of Darwin. Part 24, Darwin’s nightmare (2): the fiery breath of Alfred Russel Wallace. VPRO Dutch TV.

2015, Seconds from disaster: Megafloods. Channel NewsAsia.

2015, Raffles Revealed. 2 episodes. Channel NewsAsia.

2015, Fortress Singapore. Channel NewsAsia.

2014, History from the hills. Fort Canning. “The five kings” TV documentary, Okto, Singapore.

2014, History from the hills. Fort Canning. “Technology” TV documentary, Okto, Singapore.

Wallace and Darwin: what really happened? [and following discussion] Lecture at the Royal Society, 2013. (click for audio)

Debunking myths about evolution TEDxNUS (YouTube)

Why Darwin really gave up Christianity. Humanist Community of Silicon Valley, California.

Did Darwin steal theory of evolution from Wallace? (YouTube)

Darwin's Secret. Lecture at Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. (YouTube)

Darwin in Cambridge: from Christ’s College to the Beagle. Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge podcast, (click for video)

Charles Darwin: The True Story. Lecture. Case Western Reserve University (YouTube)

Mind the gap: Did Charles Darwin avoid publishing his theory for many years? Environmental and Evolutionary Biology seminar series, School of Biology, University of St Andrews. (watch video)

Where do Darwin's finches come from?] [Dubbed in Italian] Natural History Museum, Milan. (Watch video)

2009, Découverte: Un Dimanche avec Darwin. SRC/HD Radio Canada.

2009, Darwin in Cambridge. Fitzwilliam Museum Endless Forms podcast.

2007, Darwin's loss of faith. Faraday Institute, University of Cambridge.

BBC Radio 4 Hunting the Beagle

2001, Revealing Secrets, Phrenology. Channel 4.

2001, Victorian calling cards: George Combe. BBC Radio 4

2000, Phrenology, revealing the mysteries of the mind. Bfs Entertainment (2 hr documentary)

Interviews etc.

2016, 07.19 New Scientist Live broadcast on Dr van Wyhe’s article Darwin's discovery.

2015, 12 [Feature on John van Wyhe] Standing on the shoulders of giants. Prestige (1 December): 226-227.

2015, 01.28 Schipani, When real science falls short in Hollywood. Euroscientist.

2014, 07.17 Breakfast show [interview with John van Wyhe] BBC Radio Shropshire. (click for audio)

2013, 11.23 Charles Darwin: Row over 'cheat' claims on S4C's Alfred Russel Wallace programme. BBC Wales.

2012, 12.30 Interview with John van Wyhe on Darwin. Atheist Talk Radio 950AM KTNF in Eden Prairie Minnesota, USA. (click for audio)

2012, 10.24 Channel NewsAsia AM Live (TV) (click for video)

2012, 09.27 Wallace Online. BBC World Service Newshour (click for audio)

2009, 12.10 The other evolutionist [Darwin and Wallace interview with John van Wyhe] Radio New Zealand National. (click for audio)

2009, 10.13 [Interview with John van Wyhe on Darwin and Wallace] BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast (click for audio)

2009, 04.06 [45 min. interview with John van Wyhe] The Morning Show with Greg Berg. WGTD, NPR Radio (Wisconsin, USA) (click for audio)

2009, 03.23 [Interview with John van Wyhe on Darwin's student bills] BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

2009, 03.23 Darwin's student records published. The World Today. ABC Radio (Australia) (click for audio)

2009, 02.23 [John van Wyhe on Darwin in Cambridge] NRK (Norwegian radio) (click for audio) & illustrated webpage here.

2009, 02.13 [Guided tour of Darwin's rooms at Christ's College by John van Wyhe] BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. (click for audio) [photo gallery click here]

2009, 02.12 Darwin's evolution [Interview with John van Wyhe about the restoration of Darwin's rooms at Christ's College]. (watch video)

2009, 02.12 Moving Darwin into the digital world. NPR Radio (USA) (click for audio)

2009, 02.12 Darwin's dorm recreated. BBC Look East (TV) (watch video)

2009, 02.08 Découverte: Un dimanche avec Darwin [interviews with John van Wyhe] CBC Radio Canada (watch video)

2009, 01.29 [Interview with John van Wyhe] Irish News Talk Radio (click for audio)

2009, 01.21 [Interview with John van Wyhe] The innovative University. BBC Look East (TV) (watch video)

2008, 12.13 Darwin's room at Christ's College Cambridge. The ScienceShow, ABC Radio (Australia) 'John van Wyhe takes us on a tour of Darwin's student quarters at Christ's College. He describes college life when Charles Darwin was a student and debunks some of the myths that have arisen around Darwin's life.' (click for audio)

2008, 09.09 Darwin and God. The late show. Talksport radio (click for audio)

2008, 07.05 [Report on John van Wyhe paper on Darwin and Otto Hahn at the British Society for the History of Science annual conference in Oxford]:

BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast (click for audio)
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme (click for audio)

2008, 05.28 The Book Show, ABC Australia (Radio) (click for audio)

2008, 05.02 Website of the week Voice of America radio (click for audio)

2008, 04.25 NPR Radio, 'Darwin's notes and thoughts go online' Morning edition. USA (click for audio)

2008, 04.22 BBC Radio 4 Hunting the Beagle (click for audio)

2008, 04.18 RTE Radio 1, Ireland (click for audio)

2008, 04.17 BBC Radio 4 Today Programme (click for audio)

2008, 04.17 BBC Radio Five Live breakfast (click for audio)

2008, 04.17 BBC Radio Five Live Drivetime

2008, 01.06 Talking history: Charles Darwin. Irish News Talk Radio. (click for audio)

2007, 03.28 Darwin's Delay BBC Radio 4 Today Programme (click for audio)

2007, 03.28 Darwin's Delay CBC Radio (Canada) (click for audio)

2007, 03.13 Emma Darwin's diaries, BBC Look East (TV) (watch video)

2007, 03.12 Today Programme BBC Radio 4 (click for audio)

2007, 03.12 Emma Darwin's diaries Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast

2007, 03.12 Mrs Darwin's diaries go online BBC Look East (TV)

2007, 03.12 Radio Chile

2006, 10.19 BBC 1 Breakfast News (watch video)

2006, 10.19 BBC News 24 (watch video)

2006, 10.19 BBC Look East (watch video)

2006, 10.19 BBC Radio 4 Today Programme (click for audio)

2005, 09.12 Darwin and evolution. Austrian public radio. (click for audio)


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