RECORD: Anon. 1845. [Review of] Journal of researches: Darwin's journal of a voyage round the world. The Hampshire Advertiser (Southampton) (2 August): 7.

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Darwin's Journal of a Voyage Round the World. Part. I; being No. XXII. of Murray's Home and Colonial Library.

Another judicious reprint in the "Library," by which we obtain a work of first-rate excellence at a tenth of its original publication price. It is a journal of researches into the Natural History and Geology of the countries visited during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle round the world, under the command of Capt. Fitz Roy, R.N. by Charles Darwin, M.A.F.R.S.; and forms one of the most valuable contributions to those sciences we have met with for many years.

The Beagle sailed from Devonport on the 27th of December, 1831, under the command of Capt, Fitz Roy, R.N. The object of the expedition was to complete the survey of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, commenced under Capt. King in 1826 to 1830; to survey the shores of Chile, Peru, and of some of the islands in the Pacific; and to carry a chain of chrometrical measurements round the world. Of course, in a work professedly confined to the Natural History and Geology of the countries visited, there is not much of that general or miscellaneous description which a book of voyages and travels usually presents: what is given, however, is new, original, and interesting - no slight merit in this incessantly publishing world. In crossing the Atlantic, the Beagle hove to, February 16, close to the Island of St. Paul's, a cluster of rocks, 540 miles distant from the coast of America, where the greatest curiosities are the only two kinds of birds on the island-

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