RECORD: Anon. 1845. [Review of Journal of researches]. Darwin's Journal of a voyage round the world, parts 1 and 2. Bristol Mercury and Daily Post etc., (30 August): 6.

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Murray's Home and Colonial Library.—Darwin's Journal of a Voyage Round the World; Parts I. and II.— John Murray, Albermarle-street.

This voyage round the world was commenced in 1831. In the December of that year, the Beagle, a ten-gun brig, under the command of Captain Fitz-Roy, sailed from Devonport, the object of the expedition being "to complete the survey of Terra del Fuego—to survey the shores of Chili and Peru, and of some islands in the Pacific—and to carry a chain of chronometrical measurements round the world." The author, who formed a portion of the exploring expedition, reveals, in the form of a journal, the strange adventures by land and sea which the party encountered. A vast amount of information respecting the natural features of the countries visited, the manners and customs of the people, with notices of the geology, zoology, and indigenous botanical productions of different places and climates, are all presented in an agreeable form. The work, in fact, possesses that indescribable charm which attaches to "voyages and travels" in foreign lands. It forms a portion of Murray's admirably-selected "Home and Colonial Library."


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