RECORD: Gould, J. 1837. [Exhibition of Mr. Darwin's Birds, and description of a New Species of Wagtail (Motacilla Yarrelli)]. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London Part V, No. 51: 77-78.

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Mr. Gould then continued the exhibition of Mr. Darwin's Birds, a series of which were upon the table. One only among them was considered new, a species belonging to the genus Pyrgita from the island of St. lago. Mr. Gould characterized it under the name of

PYRGITA IOGOENSIS. Pyr. summo capite, et maculâ parvâ gulari intensè nigrescenti-fuscis, strigâ superciliari, collo, humeris dorsoque intensè castaneis, leujus plumis strigâ fuscâ eentrali notatis; alis caudâque brunneis, tectricibus alarum minoribus albis,

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qui color fasciam transversam efficit; lineâ angustâ a nare ad oculum; genis corporeque subtùs albis, hoc colore in cinereum ad latera transeunte; rostro, pedibusque fuscis.

Long. tot., 5 unc.; caud., 2 1/4; aloe,1 1/2; rost. 1/2; tarsi, 5/4.

Hab. St. lago.

Obs. This is in every respect a typical Pyrgita, and rather smaller than the common species, P. domestica.

Mr. Gould then called the attention of the Members to some specimens of M. alba and M. Yarrellii, which presented in a very decided manner the distinctions referred to by him at the last Meeting. He afterwards characterized a new species of that genus under the name of

MOTACILLA LEUCOPSIS. Mot. facie, vertice, plumis auricularibus, gulà, abdomine, crisso, rectricibus Caudae duabus externis albis; primariis, tertialibus, tectricibus majoribus minoribusque alarum albis; notà pectorali semilunari, occipite, collo, dorso, humeris, uropygio, rectricibusque octo caudœ intermediis nigris, primariis ad apicem et interne nigrescenti-fuscis; rostro pedibusque nigro-fuscis.

Long. tot., 7 unc.; aloe, 3 3/4; caud., 3 3/4; rost., 3/4; tars., 1.

Hab. India.

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