RECORD: 1835. [Report of a meeting of the Cambridge Philosophical Society]. The Times (22 December): 7.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by John van Wyhe 2.2007. RN1

NOTE: See Darwin, C. R. [1835]. Extracts from letters to Professor Henslow. Cambridge: [privately printed]. Text Images Text & images

[page] 7

A meeting of the Philosophical Society was held on Monday evening


Afterwards a communication was also read from C. Darwin, Esq., containing a notice that certain animals (lizards, &c.) which are oviparous in certain districts of South America, as they are in this country, are viviparous in the province of Mendoza, which he visited. Mr. Darwin also gave an account of red snow observed by him in the road from St. Jago de Chili to Mendoza by the Portello Pass, and of a microscopical examination of the substance.

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