RECORD: 1874. [Darwin proposed as Rector] University Intelligence: St. Andrews. The Times (27 November): 10.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by John van Wyhe 2.2007. RN1

[page] 10

ST. ANDREWS, Nov. 26.

The triennial election of a Lord Rector for the University of St. Andrews was held this afternoon in the college building. The contest for the honour may be said to have lain exclusively during this election between Lord Salisbury and Dean Stanley. A considerable section of the students were at first favourable to Mr. Charles Darwin. With the object of defeating the Tory party, however, they agreed to withdraw their candidate and to coalesce with the supporters of Dean Stanley. This naturally tended to heighten party spirit, and as both sides are about equally strong, the contest throughout has been very keen. Last week the supporters of the Marquis started a small publication, in the interest of their candidate, entitled the Rectorial Guide, and a few days later the supporters of Dean Stanely issued a similar flysheet, bearing the title of the Salisbury Slasher. The polling commenced this morning at 10 o'clock, under the presidency of Principal Shairp. About 11 o'clock the Principal announced the result as follows:—Dean Stanley, 70; the Marquis of Salisbury, 66. The result was received with great cheering by the successful party, and with hissing, hooting, and howling by their opponents. During the voting the utmost excitement prevailed.

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