RECORD: Anon. 1872. [Report of Darwin's name put forward as Lord Rector of Aberdeen University]. The Times (6 November): 5.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed and edited by John van Wyhe 4.2007. RN1

[page] 5

ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY.—A meeting of the students attending the University was held yesterday afternoon within the building, for the purpose of considering as to the election of a Lord Rector. The following ten were proposed:—Mr. Charles Darwin, Professor Huxley, Mr. Grant Duff, M.P. (the present Lord Rector), Dr John Hill Burton, the Earl of Derby, the Duke of Argyll, the Marquis of Huntley, Dr. George McDonald, Dr. Lyon Playfair, M.P. for Edinburgh and St. Andrew's University, and Dr. Neil Arnot. The election will be held in the end of December, but excitement among the students has already commenced.1

1 Darwin was asked if his health would allow him to stand as a candidate by J. S. Craig, 4 November 1872 (Calendar 8596). Darwin declined in his letter of reply dated 7 November 1872 (Calendar 8606). T. H. Huxley was elected Lord Rector on 14 December 1872.

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