RECORD: Martineau, Harriet. 1877. [Recollection of Darwin in] Harriet Martineau's autobiography. Edited by Maria Weston Chapman. Boston: J.R. Osgood and Company, Vol. 1, p. 268.

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[page] 268

There were the friends Lyell and Charles Darwin,—after the return of the latter from his four years' voyage round the world;—Lyell with a Scotch prudence which gave way, more and more as years passed on, to his natural geniality, and to an expanding liberality of opinion and freedom of speech; and the simple, childlike, painstaking, effective Charles Darwin, who established himself presently at the head of living English naturalists. These well-employed, earnest-minded, accomplished and genial men bore their honours without vanity, jealousy, or any apparent self-regard whatever. They and their devoted wives were welcome in the highest degree.1

1 Harriet Martineau (1802-1876), the prominent writer and journalist, is writing of the time she knew Darwin in London from 1836-1839.

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