RECORD: Waterhouse, F. H. 1878. [Coleoptera collected by Charles Darwin]. Nature 19 (19 December): 162.

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NOTE: See the full descriptions published in Waterhouse 1879.

[page] 162

Linnean Society, December 5.—

Mr. F. H. Waterhouse read a paper on some Coleoptera collected by Charles Darwin, of geographical interest. These had lain undetermined for a long series of years, and now prove new to science. Phytosus Darwinii, from the Falklands, has unusually long, slender claws; Choleva falklandica is elliptical-shaped and strongly punctated. Elmis brunnea and Anthicus Wollastoni, from St. Helena, are noteworthy, inasmuch as Mr. Wollaston ("Coleop. St. Hel.") does not record either genus as existent there. Scaphisoma elongatum, from Rio de Janeiro, is the first species of the genus known to inhabit South America; and Prosthetops (P. capensis) is a novel genus with two ocelli, from South Africa.

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