RECORD: Price, John. [1824]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In: Price. 1875. Llandudno and how to enjoy It. Llandudno, Wales: Simpkin, Marshall.

REVISION HISTORY: Text prepared by Kees Rookmaaker and John van Wyhe 11.2010. RN1

NOTE: This recollection is reprinted in Thomas Glick, What about Darwin? Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press 2010.


[T]he formidable Llech, where, at the abrupt termination of a green zigzag (distinctly visible from the sea), a very rugged and narrow path led the adventurous explorer past a little artificial dripping grotto, with a stone table in it, down to the very sea ledges. Here true Samphire (Crithmum maritimum) grows, which we used to get by shooting it down. Asperugo Procumbens grew here when we went down with Charles Darwin about 1824, but seems smothered by nettles long since. [...]
Reptiles—the writer, in company with Charles Darwin, caught a Viper on the Warren, about 1824, favored by Wellington boots and very strong gardening gloves. Holding him short by the neck, we let him bite at the glove, and emit a drop of clear fluid along the fang, which sank instantly into the leather.
When this had been done about five times, no more poison was left, and we killed, but did not eat him—a fact never satisfactorily explained.

John Price (1803-1887), Darwin's school, and university friend; a scholar, schoolteacher and naturalist. He attended Shrewsbury School 1818-1822 and St John's College, Cambridge, called by Darwin "Old Price".

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