RECORD: Romanes, George John. [1881]. [Recollection of Darwin]. In: Romanes, Ethel Duncan ed. 1896. The Life and Letters of George John Romanes. New York: Longmans, Green, p. 129.

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NOTE: This recollection is reprinted in Thomas Glick, What about Darwin? Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press 2010.

[page 129]

[in his letter to Miss C. E. Romanes, 24 July 1881]

We went over to pay a call upon Darwin [in July 1881]. He and his wife were at home, and as kind and glad to see us as possible. The servant gave our names wrongly to them, and they thought we were a very old couple whom they know, called Norman. So old Darwin came in with a huge canister of snuff under his arm—old Norman being very partial to this luxury—and looked very much astonished at finding us. He was as grand and good and bright as ever.

George John Romanes, (1848-1894), English biologist and comparative psychologist.

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