RECORD: Carlyle, Thomas. 1853. [Recollection of Darwin] Letter to John A. Carlyle, 10 March 1853. In Carlyle, Andrew ed. 1904. New letters of Thomas Carlyle. 2 vols. London: John Lane, vol. 2: 145-46.

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NOTE: This recollection is reprinted in Thomas Glick, What about Darwin? Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press 2010.

[page 145]

[March 1853]

The Ashburtons lately have done unexpectedly a really handsome thing to me. Lord Ashburton is on the committee of the Athenaeum Club; he said once, Shall I propose you, this spring, for immediate election? I answered grumblingly,

[page 146]

vaguely; Lady Ashburton quizzed; and so we came to the clear result, "No," and I dismissed the matter altogether. But now the other day, comes news that I am elected, the money all paid, entrance money and subscription in a lump; and that I have only to go in when I like and stay out when I like! Really very kind; and so handsomely done that there was no rejecting or refusing it. Lord Ashburton took me the other night to my first dinner and entrance there: I donot much believe I shall go often; but that will be seen. Old Crabbe [sic] Robinson1,visible in the reading room, inquired after you that night: very old, and clattery. Darwin, [Richard] Owen, etc., were also visible: plenty of loungers there, if one wanted lounging!

1 Henry Crabb Robinson (1775-1867), English journalist, lawyer, and traveler. Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), English author.

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