RECORD: Anon. 1879. University intelligence [meeting in Christ's College, Cambridge of the committee of the Darwin Memorial Fund]. The Times (8 March): 9.

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed (single key) by AEL Data 2010, corrections by John van Wyhe 2.2012. RN1

[page] 9



There was a meeting this afternoon in the Combination-room of Christ's College of the general committee of the Darwin Memorial Fund, to decide whether the memorial should assume the form of a bust or a picture, and to select either the sculptor or painter willing to execute such memorial. The Master of Christ's College presided, and there was a good attendance of the members of the committee. It was stated that the funds promised amounted to over £400, which sum would be sufficient to procure either a bust or a picture. After some discussion it was resolved by a large majority that the memorial should take the form of a picture, and Mr. W. M. Richmond was selected as the artist to execute the same.

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