RECORD: 'Admissions 1815-1852' CC-T.3.1 Transcribed and edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Scanned (with Geoffrey Thorndike Martin) and transcribed by John van Wyhe 8.2006. RN3

NOTE: This admissions book records Darwin's residence in Christ's College which began in Lent Term (January) 1828, and the date of his B.A. degree in 1831. Later, in a different hand, his death was recorded, thus signing him finally off the books as a member of Christ's College. The College catalogue of manuscripts describes this book as 'Admissions/Terms Books'.

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Reproduced with permission of the Master and Fellows of Christ's College, Cambridge.

See an introduction to the admissions books by John van Wyhe.



    L C M L C M L C M L C M  
Charles Darwin
admitted 15 Oct 1827 pen
  KKK1 KKK KKK K B.A april 26

Name off April 1882 Dead


Name...Dead] written in ink in a different handwriting above the row of k's.

1 K= terms 'kept' or spent in residence, a requirement for the B.A. degree.

The dates for the Cambridge terms during Darwin's student years were as follows:


Michaelmas Term: 10 October - 16 December (not in residence)


Lent Term: 13 January - 29 March

Easter Term: 16 April - 4 July

Michaelmas Term: 10 October -16 December


Lent Term: 13 January - 10 April

Easter Term: 29 April - 10 July

Michaelmas Term: 10 October - 16 December


Lent Term: 13 January - 2 April

Easter Term: 21 April - 9 July

Michaelmas Term: 10 October - 16 December


Lent Term: 13 January - 25 March

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