RECORD: Wedgwood, K. G. S. 1889.07.14. [Recollections of Darwin.] CUL-DAR112.A115-A116 (Darwin Online,

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[Archival number, upper right] 115

[in another handwriting] K G S Wedgwood

July 14th/ 89

My dear Frank
Bessy will like to have one or two of the originals of Uncle Charles' letters, & I said that you would kindly send us the copies instead. I am sending her

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Nos. 3, 18, 20, 21, so may I have those copies? I hope she will like those we send.
I don't know whether you have any thoughts of ever publishing extracts from the letters in any future edition of the Life, but I hope I may

[Archival number, upper right] 116

feel sure that it would be nothing personal or private between Uncle Charles & my mother. I hope you will not feel my saying this, impertinent or interfering. My mother always felt so very strongly against publishing letters, that I do feel most responsible about

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any of hers that have come, like these, under my care.
Bessy has been with us. I have heard from her from Down this morning. I am so sorry not to hear a better acct of Henrietta.
Please give my love to Ellen. It must be very amusing to have two cousins so near Frances' age, to compare progress.

Yrs affectly
K. C. S. Wedgwood

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