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NOTE: Typed letter on letterhead, one page on one leaf.

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[in another handwriting] W. J. Calman

[printed letterhead] British Museum (Natural History)
Cromwell Road
London: S.W.

25th April 1912

Dear Sir,
I am very much obliged to you for the dates and for sending me Matthew's letter which I shall place in the Library here.
Certainly keep the copies of your father's letters. I return them herewith. I have others.
I quite agree that it would not be worth while to print them in full, but I may give extracts from them. poor old Matthew must have been something of a bore, and he certainly never again rose to the height of his early inspiration with regard to Natural Selection.

With many thanks,
Yours Sincerely
W.J. Calman

[To] Francis Darwin, Esq.

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