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[in another handwriting] J.M. Herbert

Cardiff, in Court
26 May 1882

Dear Mr. F. Darwin

Your letter has been forwarded here, where I am struggling under the weight of an unusually heavy court-list. I will very gladly supply you with my recollections of your dear Father's university-life & his surroundings, as soon

[58 verso]

as I have sufficient leisure to pick up the scattered threads, & to arrange them in some form. But I fear the details which I shall be able to send you, will be very meagre & shadowy, as I have nothing to assist a memory, which has become very feeble & almost emptied of its old stores. There are few survivors of our rather large circle of intimate college friends & there is only one - my


cousin Whitely - with whom I have built up a correspondence [illeg] him. He has lately paid me a visit & I think he may be able to furnish some assistance. I am very glad to hear that your mother is able to bear up so bravely under her afflictions. Pray remember me most kindly to her. I have a very pleasant recollection of her kindness & her leisure, when my wife & I stayed a night or two at Down some 40 years ago.

[59 verso]

It was to me a great satisfaction to me also to be present at his funeral in the Abbey, and I shall never forget its solemnity.
With every kind wish for yourself & all the members of the family, I am, my dear Mr Darwin,

Very truly yours
J.A. Herbert

F. Darwin, Esq.

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