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[in another handwriting] Milton Brodie

26 June 1882

Dear Darwin,
I am most pleased that you like my little reminiscences of your Father. I wish I could have made them better. I tried to think of points which others would not know. Most certainly the little alterations you mention should be made.
I never heard your Father

[65 verso]

speak of seasickness as having, or not having, any connection with his state of health. But remember meeting somewhere a naval officer (I think Capt. Sullivan) who was on board the Beagle, and who said that "he thought Darwin's going on in the ship was one of the most courageous things he ever knew; that the whole voyage, whenever it blew hard, Darwin was

sick, and if it has been his own case he would rather have gone ashore on an uninhabited island & played Robinson Crusoe." Probably I erroneously connected this with the state in which I knew him.
As to my name you are certainly right.
My wife sends her best love to Mrs. Darwin. Whenever we go south it will be a very great pleasure to us to go and

[66 verso]

see her. If any of you venture towards the North Pole, we hope you will remember that we are five miles from Forres, and we are not in perpetual snow.

Believe me,
Faithfully yours,

J Brodie Innes

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