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[in another handwriting] P.G. King

Adelaide, Sept. 8/ 82

My dear Sir
You will find my name amongst the officers of the Beagle and you will then know that I was the shipmate of your most revered father - Some years ago he sent his photograph taken as he said by one of his sons, and I have had several notes from him during the last 20 years. Professor Liversidge has just informed me that you are anxious to

[74 verso]

have copies of any private correspondence and I now write briefly to say that immediately on my return to Sydney, I will copy such as I have and send to you. You can then say whether there is anything in them you wd. like to preserve.
Your dear father always remembered with expressions of affection the "delightful evenings" he and I "used to spend sitting on


booms of the Beagle in the Tropics." I perfectly remember the chasm he gave expression to in experiencing the delightful sensation of tropical airs - muffled out of the sails overhead.
My heart came into my mouth when I learn that England had placed your Fathers remains in Westminster Abbey a fitting tribute to so great a man.
Professor Huxley will remember staying a few

[75 verso]

days with Mrs. King and myself at Stroud Port Stephens when he was in the Rattlesnake. Kindly remember me to him and I wish you to make my respectful regards to Mrs Darwin and your brothers I take this liberty in memory of my dear old friend.

Ever Yrs Sincerely
Philip Gidley King

My address will be: Honble P.G. King, M.L.C., Double Bay, Sydney, N.S.

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