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[Archival number, upper right] 97

[in another handwriting] Lort Stokes

2 Haverfordwest
Sept. 16th, 82

Dear Mr Darwin
I have to apologize for not answering your letter sooner which was the first questionnaire asking for anecdotes about your poor Father. I am sorry to say I have none in writing but shall ever have most pleasing recollections of his cheery companionship in the old Beagle. Favourite expressions of his were "by the Lord Harry" and "beyond belief"

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Always shall I remember the emphatic manner he made use of them in trying in vain to stop a herd of Guanacoes rushing down a pass in the lava Cliffs on the St. Cruz River in Patagonia, he with his geological Hammer & myself with a gun and very nearly were we both run over. Mr. Fitzroy & Admiral Sullivan might be able to furnish the material you require.
Regretting very much

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[Archival number, upper right] 98

that I cannot help you as I would wish.
Always believe me, yours faithfully
John Stokes

If I remember any anecdote of your poor father that I think worth sending I will do so. JS.

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