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Capt. S. Osborn R.N. Quedah p. 199

"The Inchi (a malay) I was glad to see blushed" (at being reprimanded for act of cruelty of comrades.


This item was mistakenly transcribed in the Cambridge University Library Catalogue as 'Quebec'. It is in fact 'Quedah' (current spelling is Kedah, a region in modern Malaysia), referring to the book by Sherard Osborn, 1857. Quedah; or, Stray leaves from a journal in Malayan waters. London: Longmans. 'Inchi' is encik, or Malay for Mister. With thanks to Wen Qing Ng for identifying the Malay term.

Darwin's reading notebook (CUL-DAR128) reveals that Darwin read this book in August 1859, while he was writing Origin of species. See Darwin's Journal (CUL-DAR158), 37 verso. It is not known that Darwin owned a copy of this book. Darwin cited Osborn's remark in Expression, p. 317, in 1872.

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