RECORD: Sulivan, Bartholomew J. 1882.06.16. [Recollection of Darwin in a letter to Francis Darwin]. CUL-DAR198.201. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

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June 16/82

Dear Mr Darwin

I felt confident I had your father's two lost notes on the subject of my white grapes turning purple which he & Hooker were much interested in. I have found them; but cannot yet find the one a year before, written when he first heard about it from me and in which he said it was an interesting case of what he had referred to in a certain page of his book on plants, which I found explained the cause; but his last notes shows he was still puzzled about it. I hope I may find some more notes for I am going over all old letter & papers […]

With very kind regards

Believe me

very sincerely yours

BJ Sulivan

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