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Linn. Trans. v. 18. p. 429. Bentham speaks of "ordinary secreting hairs" in the bottom of the pitcher in Heliamphora, "they arise from a small tubercle" will this explain nettle structure.

Linn. Trans. "Bentham on the Heliamphora nutans." (Vol: 18 p. 431) The floral organs differ chiefly from those of Sarracenia in the great reduction in the number of parts . Instead of 3 distinct series of floral envelopes 3 bracts 5 sepals 5 petals Heliamphora has but 4, 5 or 6 leaflets altogether. [in margin: abortion]

Where there are 4 or 5 the ├Žstivation is same as in petals of Sarracenia, but more imbricate each leaflet overlapping more or less the next opposite one (this shows series in ├Žstivation). - Stamens indefinite" "place this new plant in the same order with Sarracenia; the difference in the number of parts, cannot here have any other than a generic importance, as it is evident from their variableness & want of symmetry that they are reductions from a normal type." !!! important, this variableness.

[George Bentham. On the Heliamphora nutans, a new Pitch-plant from British Guiana. Read 4 February 1840, pp. 429-432.]

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