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Linn. Trans. v. 17. p. 98. A. de Candolle on Myrsineæ.

Of 100 species 92 are limited to one region (out of 24 regions in which they are found) (not including Europe). This is large proportion" - out of 4000 species calculated in same regions he finds in Melastomaceæ 98 endemic; Campanulaceæ 84 &c in Papavacaeæ 60 &c &c. The Myrsineæ, the most sporadic is found in six regions viz. Ceylon, Bengal, Nipal, Burmese Cochin China, Indian Arch.

Two other species extend over same 4 or 5 regions One Myrsine is found in 3 American regions & ten other (Myrsines) [word excised] species in two regions.

(These numbers do not agree with 92/100

[in margin:] Geograph

[Alphonse de Candolle. 1837. A review of the natural order Myrsineæ. Read 5 March; 16 April 1833. Transactions of the Linnean Society, vol. 17: 95-138.]

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