RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 'Talking with Mr. Strickland = I confess that my theory must necessarily be given up' (4.1842) CUL-DAR205.9.149 Transcribed by John van Wyhe. (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by John van Wyhe, corrections by Kees Rookmaaker 11.2010. RN1

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Ap. /42/ Talking with Mr. Strickland = I confess that my theory must necessarily be given up. — if it is cede was probable in high degree that the first shell of Silurian System, was really if first, if really didelphys of Stonefield was really first mammal.— but I am far from believing in this, though greater number of geologists undoubtedly do.— The same chain of reasoning which make me deny this will also explain the gaps in chain — for if we now possess in our cabinet anything near the whole series — then also our my theory must be given up — but I am far from believing that we do nearly possess such a series. =1


1 Darwin refers to the incompleteness of the geological record, which Darwin believed was a product of unlikely preservation, the ravages of time having destroyed many fossils, and incomplete examination of fossil bearing strata.

22] written in crayon over other entries.

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