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Explanations by the author of the Vestiges of Creation.

p. 41 Ansteds Geology II, p. 60. – ammoniacal matter in rocks below the Silurian.

p. 57 A cestracion, below the small fish of the Aymestry limestone.

p. 81 said (no authority) in embryo state of frog & crocodile, have the biconcete form of the vertebrae of old Saurians.

p. 90 Mayer (Report of Ray Soc I) says in Emeu a purse form in certain organs approaching to marsupial structure.

p. 118 insists there no reason the present form shd. perish before descendants (I must allude to this)

G (But the History of Fossils shows that such usually is the case, or might be reflected by being beaten by better adapted offspring.

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