RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 'Things for a week' (5.1859). CUL-DAR210.9.30 (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed from the manuscript by Kees Rookmaaker 11.2005, corrections by John van Wyhe. RN2

NOTE: Reproduced with permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin.

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See the introduction by Janet Browne.


Things for a week.


Lotion for Head.
Magnesia. Smelling-salts. Soda & Potash.
Junction of senna.
[muramic] acid
Hair-glove. Spesm & En. Spice-Bottle & measuring glass.
Rough towels.
Little candle. Brandy.
Boss. Eider-down. Night-shawl & day. Dressing-gown.
Lace Pillow. Thick stockings. Night caps. Shoeing Horn.
Hair Gloves & Rough Towels.

Washing things.
2 Sponges -  Tooth & nail-brush
Hair-brush.  Clothes brush.  Shoeing Horn.
Spare. Bracess. Diging shirt. Rough Towels & Hair Gloves.
Ink stand. Pen-wiper.

Stationary. Money. – Case. Snuff. [Forky]
Tickets. Pencil. Paper-cutter. Indian Rubber.
Scissors. Stamps. Spare checks.
Portfolio with composer & Pens, Pen-knife. Cards. Account Book.
Case to hold Pens and Pencils.  Diary.
Cigars. Spare Watch & Spectacles.
Book to read. (Watch stand)
Bradshaw RS



Shoes. 1 Thick & thin & Slippers

Newspapers. - Forward letters & not Books =
Write to Clowes - Clothes to wash -



Shoes. 1 Thick spare, 1 thin & shiny Boots, & Slippers

Day shawl & Fur-boots in Blue Bag.
Grey coat – cape & umbrella. & stick.
Thin coat.
Shooting coat. [illeg]

8 shirts. 2 drawers. 2 night-shirts.
Jersey with collar.
2 night-caps. Flannel waist coats.
3 stockings. Hand-kerchiefs. Neck, do.
1 cloth drawers & 1 thin cloth coat. Duf coat.
Iron-Rod for bed.
Flask wine.
Cheese. Flask.
2 Eider Downs.
Waterproof coat & Leggings.
Day shawl. Straw Hat.
Flask of wine. Umbrella. Stick.
(Bradshaw Guide)

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