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Emma Darwin recorded Chaumont's visit on 13 June 1872 in her diary.




April 22d. 1882.

My dear Darwin,

The sad news of your father's death came upon me with a shock, - not having heard that he was even ill. Although of course one could not but feel that at his age any great prolongation of life was unlikely, especially in his state of health, yet one almost cherished the hope that one so loved and honoured would still remain long among us. It will always be one of


my most cherished recollections that I had the honour of the personal acquaintance of so great and good a man; one whose personal character was as beautiful and attractive as his intellectual supremacy was preeminent.

At the Royal society – on Thursday the President, Mr. Spottiswoode, referred most feelingly to the loss the society and the world had sustained. I hope the proposal, which he mentioned of interment in Westminster Abbey will be carried out, - although in such a case it will be more to the honour of the fame than of the illustrious deceased.

I hope that your mother is well and also your wife.

With very kind regards,

Believe me,

Yours very sincerely,

F. d Chaumont

 W. E. Darwin Esq.

I am just returning to [illeg]

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