RECORD: Chester, Joseph Lemuel. 1882.05.01. Letter to [George] Darwin. CUL-DAR215.10d. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

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"Chester, Colonel Joseph Lemuel, 1821-82. American genealogist. Worked on early history of the Darwin family. George's manuscript notes for C are in the Galton papers at University College London. 1855-58 Aide-de-Camp of James Pollock, governor of Pennsylvania, with rank of Colonel. 1858 C settled in London. 1879 Henrietta "My brothers had been having the pedigree of the Darwins made out by a certain Colonel Chester". ED2:237." (Paul van Helvert & John van Wyhe, Darwin: A Companion, 2021)

Colonel Joseph Lemuel Chester died on 26 May 1882 and was buried in Nunhead Cemetery in London. He has a memorial in the south choir aisle of Westminster Abbey.


124, Southwark Park Road, London, S.E.

1 May '82

My Dear Mr Darwin

If I had had any reason to feel slighted, your kind letter would have made ample atonement. I have been & am very ill myself, from a disease from which there is probably no recovery, but I could not allow your letter & the occasion to pass without notice. I thank you for the former, & assure


you of my sincere sympathy. You already know to some extent how I reverenced your father. I think of him now as one who left the world wiser and better than he found it.

Excuse this scrawl. I have not written so much for a month.

Believe me

Sincerely yours

Jos: L. Chester

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