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Moscow, 16/28 April 1882

Dear Sir,

The naturalists of the Moscow University and of the Moscow Society of Naturalists feel it their duty to express to you and all the family their sentiments of the deepest sorrow at the sad news, that Charles Darwin is no more, - the Biological Sciences have lost their Newton. Perhaps in no country had the grand ideas of Your great father produced such deep felt results – as in our, if in others, scientifically and more prosperous countries, the now deceased great mind may have more numerous admirers, still we are consciously proud that nowhere was this admiration more sincere or felt deeper than among our class of workers and teachers in Science, - not only natural science but in every branch of knowledge.

Twenty five years are just elapsed from the day when in a letter to Asa Gray, in 1857, Charles Darwin openly [announced] his great ideas which were to revolutionize the whole realm of science, as the principle of Evolution, since


then pervaded all other branches of knowledge and proved to be the most fruitful idea of the age.

Few are the instances in the world's history, where one single man, during his own lifetime, and in a comparatively short period of a quarter of a century produced such immense results, and this great man is now gone for ever from among us. The greatest of Naturalists of our age is gone, but his name will live for ever in man's memory as long as there will be science and science teaching among us, - nay longer, when in due course of Evolution expounded by him we shall pass in some other, more perfect farm: - he will cast his shadow behind him, and under the shade if his great principle, we feel sure that the joint working of all the world's science will lead him to true immortality

George Darwin Esq.

Kent, Bickley, Down.


Proff. B Zinger

Professor Dr. K. Lindeman

Prof J. Norsenkowz

Prof M. Solotopiatoff

Dr. Renerd Vice-Res. Soc of Natural of Moscow

Dr N. Svertzowe

N. Zakel

Mgr. Zool. Ach. Nengbier

C. Timiriazeff

Professor emerit. Alexander Fischer de Wadkins

Prof. Dr. A Stolesow

N Warneck

Prof N. Laskovsky

Dr. B. Beurangre

Ed. Kern

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