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Canon George Prothero conducted Darwin's funeral service on 26 April 1882.

In Woodall, Edward. 1884. Charles Darwin. A paper contributed to the Transactions of the Shropshire Archæological Society, p. 58: "In Westminster Abbey, Canon Prothero [George Prothero, 1818-1894] spoke of "Mr. Darwin's pure and earnest love of truth and his patient industry in its pursuit".


May 5 [1882]


Dear Mr Darwin

I am much obliged by your's and your brother's kind letters.

I need scarcely tell you that I am sensible of the honour and privilege of being in


any way able to do honour to such a man as your father, and still more, on this occasion to have been by accident the one to place him in his last earthly home within our honoured walls.

I am much gratified by hearing that Mrs Darwin is satisfied that his resting place has been well chosen here, and that she could not well avoid yielding to the universal feeling that whatever honour the Abbey could confer on him should be cordially offered –


Will you kindly extend my [thanks] to your brother and

Believe me

Dear Mr Darwin

very sincerely yours

George Prothero

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