RECORD: Spottiswoode, William. 1882.04.21. Letter to George Howard Darwin. CUL-DAR215.5a. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

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"Spottiswoode, William, 1825-83. Physicist, mathematician and President of the Royal Society 1878-83. 1853 FRS. Died of typhoid fever and was buried in Westminster Abbey. 1861 Nov. 27 Married Eliza Arbuthnot. Two sons: William H (1864-1916) and Cyril A (1867-1915). 1880 Jun. 26 dined at High Elms with the Darwins and the Hookers. 1882 S was, as PRS, a Pallbearer at CD's funeral. 1882-83 Chairman, Darwin Memorial Fund." (Paul van Helvert & John van Wyhe, Darwin: A Companion, 2021)


[To GHD]


Dear Darwin, you will, I hope, have received my telegram. I fear that time will not allow me a much less abrupt note. – I consulted with Huxley, one Bishop, 2 canons

[George Darwin:] Wm Spottiswoode Pres. Roy. Soc


(one of whom has a very extensive acquaintance with Clergy metropolitan & other), one public school master, all heartily encouraged the proposal being carried out. I saw also the Ld. Chancellor who was naturally rather more cautious. Lord Aberdare, on his own part, & on that of the Geograph Society, was most urgent that the thing should be done, & expressed his sincere


hope that your family would consent.

There is a place beside Lyell where your father could be laid; & arrangements could, so far as would be done in & from London, be easily completed for Wednesday next.

Tomorrow, I shall call here in the morning; shall be at my office (H.M. Printing office, East Harding St Fetter Lane) 10.0-11.30; then at the British Museum 12.0 to about 1.30; then back to this club; & if no


thing occurs to the contrary I shd return to Combe Bank by the train leaving Charing X at 2.52.-

But I am entirely at your disposal until any hour, if I can be of use.

[Very] Sincerely

W Spottiswoode

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