RECORD: Farrer, Thomas H. 1882.04.28. Letter to George Howard Darwin. CUL-DAR215.7f. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

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"Farrer, Emma Cecilia (Ida), 1854 Nov. 7-1946 Jul. 5. Only daughter of Sir Thomas H. F. 1880 Married Horace Darwin.

Farrer, Sir Thomas Henry, 1st Bart (1883), 1819-99. Statistician, barrister and civil servant. Abinger Hall, Dorking, Surrey. 1873 Married 1 Frances Erskine. 3 sons, 1 daughter; Emma Cecilia ("Ida"). Married 2 Katherine Euphemia Wedgwood s.p. 1893 1st Baron. Visited Down House often. ED's diary 1854-95." (Paul van Helvert & John van Wyhe, Darwin: A Companion, 2021) Leonard married Elizabeth Frances Fraser (Bee) on 11 July 1882. She was Farrer's sister. 'Ras' refers to Erasmus Alvey Darwin who died in 1881.


28 April/82


My dear George

The fault and the loss was mine – not being with the family with whom I should have wished to be. The tickets came here quite right – but I was much occupied, & having seen 12 as the hour thought I should be in abundance of time if I arrived then.- I found however that the Jerusalem Chamber was empty and the procession in


progress, & I joined the middle of it. – able to witness every thing though not with those I should have liked to be with.

Mrs Wedgwood was admirably managed for and has got safely back to Abinger.

Effie did not come- As in Ras' case, she felt averse to being present, a feeling in which in general I have much sympathy. In this case the public tribute was so great a feature that it overshadowed the private feeling – In this bustle you can scarcely yet have realised the loss. Indeed without the bustle, there are losses the real greatness of which we only feel as time goes on – losses which can never be repaired or replaced whatever else come to us.

You told me how exhausted you all were – I trust it will leave no bad effect.


Ida is to come to us on Monday and we shall then hear of you all. Poor Leonard – this is a sad precursor of his marriage.

I shall always look on the intercourse I have had with your father as one of the really good things which has come to me in life – and it is a real [illeg] to me to know that it is at an end. He was so kind & good to me

Ever very sincerely yours

T H Farrer

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