RECORD: Papé, Charlotte. 1882.04.29. Letter to [Francis] Darwin. CUL-DAR215.7l. Edited by John van Wyhe (Darwin Online,

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Charlotte Papé wrote to Darwin on 16 July 1875. See her letter in Correspondence vol. 23, p. 299. She is mentioned in Darwin and Women (2017), edited by Samantha Evans.


Ungerstr. Hannover

Linden April 29th 82

Dear Sir,

I feel as if I could not receive your very great kindness in replying to my words, and at such a time, without telling you how fully it is appreciated.

At the same time you must let me express something of the satisfaction, the joy felt – and not only


by me – to learn, some days ago, that, contrary to the first report, you have not refused to let the remains be taken away your home, and that the great immortal is laid in the only spot worthy of him that England had to offer, even England, by the side of Newton. England had a right to claim this grave for Westminster Abbey.

Yours truly

Charlotte Papé.

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