RECORD: Litchfield, Henrietta. n.d. [Recollections of Erasmus Darwin's on the commencement of the Beagle voyage]. CUL-DAR262.23.5 (Darwin Online,

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Q in Voyage Ch.

Uncle Ras went down to Plymouth to see my Father off & went on board the Beagle with him in getting out of the Harbour. He used to describe so vividly the dejection of a how an old Swedish sailor, who was steering to Capt. Fitzroy's telling, he misheard some order & made some blunder did not do what he was told but I think not his fault the least. - Fitzroy sent him down & put some one else to steer & Uncle Ras used to say he could see it all as if it happened yesterday. The man's instant obedience & look of profound mortification & misery. My Father said that this old Swede was one of their best sailors, but I have a dim memory that when he was drunk he used always to talk of some murder he had committed.

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