RECORD: Litchfield, Henrietta. nd. [Recollections of Darwin's voyage on the Beagle]. CUL-DAR262.23.6 (Darwin Online,

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Stories on Voyage


Expression used by one of the Officers "as white as a bloody sheet."

Q? Voy Ch

Another bit I used to like to hear him tell was how they came racing home in a little sailing boat with a heavy wind blowing, somewhere in S. America. — Fitzroy steering & having every bit of canvas enough sail out to keep one edge of the boat under water all the way, & every one who wasn't wanted crowded lying flat in the bottom of boat for safety. He used to tell describe with such vividness the perfection of daring seamanship & how very unpleasant it was to feel that it all depended on his judgement & the exact & instant obedience of the men who had hold of the sail & of the steersman rudder * — or did Fitzroy have hold of sail himself
Fitzroy steered I think — FD1

1 FD = Francis Darwin, who added this comment to the text.

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