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Q Voyage

My Father used to describe how Wickham the first Lieutenant - a very tidy man who used to keep the decks so that you cd eat your dinner off them - used to say "If I had my way, all your d.d. mess would be chucked overboard & you after it, old Flycatcher."
? as to words.

not Q

Another scene I used to like to hear my Father describe was how on entering the harbour of (? La Plata Buenos Ayres) where Admiral ? was stationed how Capt Fitzroy was determined to do some sailing evolution as quick as one of the men of war. (I can't remember details & was it on that voyage or the former one) -
Was it reefing topsails - & how tho' they had


very few hands every thing was so well planned with some trick of either men lying out on the top hidden or some special dodge so that everything was over in the proper two minutes or whatever was the time. And I think they found this was still talked of in the second voyage.

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