RECORD: Litchfield, Henrietta. 3.1874. [Recollection of Darwin's offer by Cochrane]. CUL-DAR262.23.8 (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker 5.2006 and revised 10.2006. Corrections by Simon Keynes 8.2008. RN2

NOTE: The 1874 date may refer to when Darwin recounted the recollection, rather than the date written by Henrietta. There are two documents with this number 262.23.8, as follows:

This is numbered 23.8 in the upper left corner. It consists of one small sheet, only written on one side. The writing is in pencil.

23.8 A
The second is numbered 23.8 in the upper left corner. It consists of one larger folded sheet, only written on one side. All the sentences are crossed out. The writing is in pencil.

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[1: 262.23.8]

March 1874 - Where was this offer made

Father also told of a most generous offer of Adm. Cochrane. He wrote to Father to offer him free quarters on board his ship to be put to no expence, to go where he liked & order everything abt. as if he was master. He wd have to find his way to W. Indies & then go with him the Adm. across the Isthmus of Panama to meet his Squadron. Father considered it a most tempting offer but out of the question to be accepted.

[2: 262.23.8 A]

Story of aunt's Moorpark

Beans growing to wrong side - account of my

correcting & working for f. next

religion Laws serious Call

Leaving doctoring with his Father

His family feeling - interest in his genealogy & admiration for rank & birth
Dr D.
feeling abt politics
interest in novels
good eye for colour

Ld [Lord] Clive & crime
madwoman kept out
fencing club & his pain at the suspicious & changed feeling toward him - quite difft from old days
Chobham camp & taste for stories

Visits W Lakes - enjoyment of scenery

Dissenting minister & gingerbread

How he [werked] "a barnacle man"

meeting W. Ruskin -
hatred of oppression & cruelty

dislike of commas - correcting much

Enlarge about relations to his [children]

Annie's death effect on him

Reverence for his own Father

Leo offering him 6d to come & play w. him in work hours

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