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Index to contents of Drawer

1 Rabbit of P. Santo: lop-eared Mr Turchill. —

References to pages of Hallams Hist. of Lit. L'Institut. Gould

2. Birds of Australia — Whewells Inductic Sciences

3. Blyth correspondence de rebus omnibus (chiefly on varieties.)

4. Measurement of wild & tame duck.

5. Niata ox — etract on Ancora sheep

6. Old notes on Galapagos: of no use, I think, having looked them over. —

7. aberrant genera having fe species: Hooker & Bentham discussion on — List of Leguminosae of Bentham — A discussion from Lindley Vegetable Kingdom on relation of number of species to in genera, which either mingle or double in nat. fam. —

8. Notes from Waterhouse & Schonjerr on small families being genera with few species, also aberrant genera do. — Calculation on [cause] of genera with respect to size. — Some remarks on theoretical genera distinction. —


9. Dr Asa Gray. Result showing "close species" belong to large genera: ) (The genera which have varieties are also large genera; & their relation in number between the genera which have close species & varieties) (on the proportion of nat. [interducid] plants useless now, but list showing the proportion of nar. fam. very different in some cases in U. States & England: Europe ought to be comparison: V. Decandolle who will probably do it.) (List of alpine plants with ranges over world.) (Speculations on the travelling of arctic plants for America & Europe.)

10. [Hemster's] list of plants, deduction from & remarks showing the large genera include most varieties & varieties thought by some good men to be species. —

11. Watsons Cybela, Ballast plants. — British plants with dif range W or S in Britain. — The wide ranges in Britain belong to larhe genera & conversely. — Aliens. — Few remarks on alpine plants. —

12. My M.S. on [salting] seeds & on floating of plants.

13. H.C. Watson — on relation of number of close species & var. to large genera —; definition & example of the various kinds of close species & how they blend together; discussion how far a small country may be used as test for such calculations; on flourishing species carrying (Wahlenberg) opposed by alpine species not varying.



Catalogue of Subjects &c. (not solely books)

14. Sulivan notes on Falkland Isd. —

15 Pfeiffer ranges of Land shells — on varieties found in different islands of Philippines. Abstract of [Jays] Catalogue, of littleuse — note in ranges of same genera in N. & S. hemisphere, negative — Notes from Mr Cuming about shells in Pacific.

16. Johnstons Physical atlas: on geograph. Bot. — On zoology distinct (on range of bats, with extract from Fischer & letters by Jones). — On deacon of sables &c. — Alpine quadrupeds — Palaeontology excellent by Forbes — on succession of types & on small characters common to whole groups. — On fall of ashes. —On range of ice action in Six currents of ocean: — On range of relation to rise of genera in Muridae & carnivora. — (Mem Map by Forbes on distint of marine life)

17. Hooker Flora N.Z. on size of genera to varieties

Boreaux Flore de France on do & common plants: Fuonrohr on do & vars.

[illeg] Dana for range & size of genera

18 My M.S. on History of cultivated plants



Catalogue of Journals & Transactions.

1. Mem. Soc. Phys. de Geneve

case of variation in individual Lilac in budding, [illeg] to difference in species. — Do var. in colou of Geranium, analogous to other species. (B.B. I see these cases are allied) viz. on value of characters by seld. — Distribution of Viola. N & S & along Andes. — var of instinct or rather season in a Bee. Capita; analogy of times & habit. — On wandering species being very different. — Traces how Hive Bee make their hexagons. — Much on instinct. Another case of var. rare difference in species & in a variety. — Necken on wandering birds of Switzerland.

2. Memoires du Museum. Discussion on instinct of Bees, very important for not hereditary — see some important queries. — (Decandolle on Cruciferae, indistinctness of characters. — on parallel service in organs. — On special & general affinities.)

(G.St Hilaire variation of oviduct in birds) (important variation in [cygnobasis] — also on variation I imagine in Gonophia in important point which varies in different genera & species. — (also in same species 2 characters occurring in same individual.) St. Hilaire on distinction of skeleton of Indian oxen. — (F. Cuvier on the theory of instinct & quite English authors) (on [Pasato] breeding) (on variation of two ovaria.) on variation in locularity of Helianthemum, & in one species of do. — (Fish of C. of Good Hope some same, some closely allied with those of Europe.) on variation (of Morietta longifolia / general when plant extends far. (on affinities & ranges going together, destroy middle groups & you make extremes very different.) (on variation of arterias.) (on correspondence analogue of Pyrenees & Alps) (ambling of Mongolian Horses)

page 1 verso

Scoliosa & Crestes varying in [genisperm].

Helianthemum on variation of locularity.

page 2

(character variable in spring (case of commonly in a group & thus commonly variable) case of important character variable in certain families.

3. Annales du Museum. Hybrid dog & wolf. — On variation in cells of Bees. — Alpine plants not seeding. — difference in seeds in same flower & analogue to difference in species. — On breeding in menageries. (Ibis) cause of fear!! — instinct, animals helping each other — wildness different in different countries. — on paralellism. — Hosted plants in canaries. wildness in dogs & foxes. — Lagongs uniform in Corsica united during glacial period. — On swimming bladder not being rudimentary & its presence very varying: yet [illeg] in genera memosis, [Nimstal], Cotyledon of high value, yet again of vegetation, but there it is endymis. on classification & affinities groups by [illeg] it in group. — groups not depending in numbers. — on importance in relation to coexistence. — on infertility from grafting Scabiosa (p.10 nr.5) & Cnestis varying in presence of [illeg]. F. Cuvier on skeleton of dogs. Very curious case of variation in oranges. —

4. Mem. presente par divers Savans. Rouhin on domesticated animals of America. — excellent, differences in youth in anything, in character. On difficulty of breeding animals at first in S. America.

5. Desmoulins curious cases of some local F.W. fish, may specify as hopeless difficulty.



Catalogue of Journals, Transactions

6. London Journal of Botany

— vars. of Primrose — plants on mountains of Jamaica. Hooker Flora of Madeira. very good. — Watson on vars. in Azores. — very good. — M.S. list of Azores plants, with habitats by H.C. Watson. Rev Lowes letter on P.Santo

7. Acts. Acad St Petersburg. Pallas on variations of animals — good remarks showing how little conditions affect directly again beings: — very valuable papers; I have discussed points.

8. Journal de la Soc. Imp. d'Hort. Decaisne, variability not [illeg] with number of descents. — (vars of Choux Races. — confine Geertsen law of Zusammengesatze.) Decaisne on pears. Vars [illeg] as fruit descent.

9. Phytologist. Varieties of Cnicus. — on primrose & cowslip (p.23) &c. Gardner on relation of leyland & [illeg] important if species considerably distant of European forms. — I — Relation of embryo &leaves. — (On Infolium species if in numbers 7). — 8 on Azores vars. — on new plants [springing 4/4] curious hybrid between genera 11 on seeds of genera & Epilotium hybrids. —

— 14 on hereditary Rubi. — Ilex Balearica case. — 16. Bromfield on plants not seeding — Campanula splendens, yet seeding with different [illeg]: 18 Bromfield on Stranonium. — 19 Henslow & Asa Gray & Bromfield on Anagallis. — 20 Remarks dry places having most species. — 21 Bromfield on var of Elm & Quercus. — Hooker letter on range of Primroses, aremia plants.


10 Henfrey's Botanical Gazette. cases of vars (3 on Rankin Tertiary Bot. — (2. on groups different on different sides), curious var. in tracts of Cheiranthus varying in parallel series. (& Heracium) & Casey. 4 Fries on species being closer in large genera. — on changes in alpine flowers.) 6. on tract in Cardomine & in Ericastrum, var. analogous to other species, appearing often in rudimentary form. — Like horn in cow hornless cows.

11 Zoologist vol 11, 12 — Duck with acorns. — notes American beetles (3 hybrid genera)

12 Wernerian Transact — on races of fox Magillivray.

13 Journal of Indian Arch. On animals of Celebes. — variation of elephant. — on Lombok — on horses & ducks of. — on relation of Java & Sumatra. —

14 Mem de la Soc.Linn. de Normandie. Eel with large eyes in pits. — Showers of frogs — Cytinus laburnum — Pig with appendage to jaw. Variation of Pleuritomania.

15 Flora



Catalogue of Journals

16 Westminster Review on Heritage

17 Heer on fossil plants of Madeira & on recent vegetation.

18 Annales des Sciences Nat

19 Transactions of Hort. Soc.

20 Reports to British Assoc.n

21 Silliman N. American Journal

22 Journal of Hort. Soc.

23 Journal of R. Agricultural Soc.

24 Bachman in Charleston Journal


25 Boston Journal of Nat Hist

26 R. Brown Ascidepias Linn: Transactions

27 Journal Asiatic Soc of Bengal

28 Madras Journal of Lit. & Science

29 Agricult. & Hort. Soc. India

30 Bull Soc. Bot. de France

31 Ibis



Abstracts of Reviews on me (I have only begun with no. 106.)

108. G.H.Lewes. p.365 Egyptian case prove too much [pencil] for

— — p.603 excellent metaphor of architect & entozoology

— 615 Entozollogy of Neritaria in shell in larval condition

— 625 Trachea serving as swim-bladders

— 63-66 at on conditions not causing any clumps, because do not reach on organisation

— 76 On Luminum organs of [illeg] [pencil] in

— 495 On similar Hist. structure, independent of descent

— 496 adaptation in lowest animals —

— 498 comparison of animals & plants

109 — Weismann p. 12 caterpillars coloured alike, moth different

p. 18 Rudiments p.26 — Two beans in natural solution active in variation —

p.32 argues again Moritz Wagner in isolation

p 36 on 2 or 3 forms of caterpillars in sea board

p 39 Plants & Insects later developed on mountain & 10 [illeg]

110. Wagner Moritz — on importance of isolation — good on Geograph. Distribution. p.55 (2d Edit) on [chief] allowed from keeping apart & disliking each other

p.27 (1st Edit) local alpine var of Butterflies

p.32 (do) intermedial alpine form of Beetles from crossing

113. Prezer. Kampf Dasein p. 45 mammae erraticae

121 Broca, On indifferent characters, not subject to nat selection - Thumbs (very good) of certain monkeys — absence of tail — absence of ligament to femur prob in Orang — liver of lump in do. — False reasoning that all must have been acquired at once

128 Kiesenwetter. (most valuable Review) Geolog. Hist. of Insects — Moths crossing [mediterranean] on p.345 — p.347 good on Geograph. Distribution of Madeira insects —

129 Asa Gray. Review )p.144) of Hooker on Arctic Plants

130 Cope on nature of derivation of forms — on Highness — observe —

139 Dawson's Address — Review of Cope's views of [illeg] & [illeg]

144 Saporta, quotes Gandy, p.641 higher forms change quicker p.643 every tree living in Europe has its fossil analogue

Abstracts of Reviews



Abstracts of reviews of C. Darwin

145. — The Month, p.9 Why many forms not like Giraffe. p.11 Prehensile tail whalebone — analogy teeth of Thylacinus p. 14 & dog. p.13 Difficulty (p.12) from manner of development of certain Diptera — Ratthe-snake mammary glands p.26 On ancient generalized forms. p.29 Difficulties from Geograp. Distribution. — p.39 Difficulty from abhorrence of incest

Henslow Mr Hooker Kew Brehm

146. Quatrefages, p.52 in herds of antelopes the rear perish from hunger

p.62 Echiura, a trans. from half [illeg], half [tadichi]

p.100 [illeg] p.101. Reference about many forms of termites.

p.111 on fertile Hybrid moths 8 generations. Hybrids p.112 to 119

p.158 On Larvae breeding cases like Cope's Doctrine

156 Wallace on Bennett — good discussion on term mimicry — Dr [Sudder] on mimicry & A. Murray & others on do. — Butterflies devoured by Birds

Hooker on Nepenthes distribution of

Agassiz on Synthetic Fish

168 Bertillon quotes I. Geoffroy that Cyclops monsters along an 6-[digitate]

do Good remarks on nature of different hypothesis

200 H. Muller [illeg] in Bees — On partial gradation in mouth

p.11 & all parts in Bees — very good case —

p.80 on wasps 7 bees much in common independently of inheritance

p.40 a new habit of life leads to great changes & breaks in the series

201 Fick, on rich daughters of short-lived persons & weak men, not consangs, marrying

204 Chancey Wright. good remarks on what fixity of species means

238 [Allyra] Nicholson — good objections to me on imperfection of geological records. Rigid I guess & inflexible types.

245 Wurtemberger: the more widely eternal form [illeg] the more difficult, their classification p.7 — on blending of ammonites p.9 even genera — those laws of variation — inheritance of entire ages —

250 Abstract of Newmayers p.142 on succession of amonites ([illeg]) disputes Hilgendorp, famous case of Limnaea. p.152 abstract of Leidy on gradation of the progenitors of Equus. p.157 abstract of Kowlewsky on Ungulates.

p.200 abstract of Reinike on foundation of serrations of leaves.



Abstract of Reviews bearing on me

250 (continued) p. 203 case of mimickry — Local vars like vars.

266 Wüstt — Fault in the States of 20,000 ft

270 Sorby on Pangenesis

287 L. Journal of Science — Slashing review against Mivart

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