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The line of outer Coast runs about W 40° N — parallel to cleavage of Port Famine:

this line produced will pass near Diego Ramirez & take in the South Shetlands.

a group however while itself appears neither to run in an ENE & WSW line is

we may consider the W22 N line as a more ancient one; & that the volcanic line has more of a tendency to keep its original line of  N & S.

V. end of Chonos. Archipel:

The latter is skirted by volcanic Isld of Diego Ramirez being continued to S. Shetlands & the former bending by the Promontory to Staten land. —

This must be introduced. —

Quartz, Greenwack & Slate Staten land

Mem: Falklands V. Chanticleers voyage.1

1 Kendal, Edward. 1832. Account of the Island of Deception, one of the New Shetland Isles. Extracted from the private Journal of Lieutenant Kendal, R.N., embarked on board his Majesty's sloop Chanticleer, Captain Forster, on a scientific voyage. Journal of the Royal Geographical Society 1: 62-66.

54 verso

Gabriel channel is a passage in the slate: — Mr Buckland — state

Mount Skyring — slate ?? or greenish

Talk to the captain: M. Skyring must be a metamorphic rock. — Capt says not slate

Granites & greenstone are seen on West coast, here & generally from sea. wearing any superior slate both here & generally

Wollaston Island in line of of slate hence less altered. —

The WNW line of Clarence island line of mineralogical change

crossed by N & S line of porphyritic change?

Direction of dykes. old notes Chanticleers Voyage. sandstone & fine granite S. Shetland. — quartz

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