RECORD: Darwin, C. R. Mr Sulivan. than in some the narrow channels between the smaller islands. [4.1836] CUL-DAR41.52 Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker (Darwin Online,

REVISION HISTORY: Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker, corrections and editing by John van Wyhe 3.2011. RN1

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Reproduced with permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin.


Mr Sulivan. than in some the narrow channels between the smaller islands, the stream was so rapid, with 4 or 5 ft deep, that the whole boat could scarcely pull against it. & he was afraid to wind the boat! —

It is clear from Mr Sulivan's sections that, no law with respect to windward & leeward. — Shape of lower mountain

[51 verso]

matter found out from lagoon have determined it. — Compare with Beechey.1

N.B. I see there are some notes about the Coral Isd in the scraps in the Portfolio.

1 Beechey 1831.

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