RECORD: Darwin, C. R. 'Miner's American bee-keepers' manual' (nd) CUL-DAR48.B20 Transcribed by Kees Rookmaaker. (Darwin Online,

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Miner's American bee-keepers' manual 18491

p. 102 says he has often observed first individual of comb, up to every step of completion, & could not provide "the slightest difference in construction & colour could I even discern." — He wd hardly have overlooked to rounded external edges & wall of wax of Hive.

p 321 the more populations a swarm of Bees less liable to be destroyed "being able by mere force of numbers to process a lodgment being made" & here lies to general secret of success." — which shows imprtance of increase in numbers & thereafter loss from wax being necessary. —

1 Miner, T. B. 1849. American bee-keepers' manual: being a treatise on the history and domestic economy of the honey-bee embracing a full illustration of the whole subject, with the most approved methods of managing this insect through every branch of its culture, the result of many years' experience. New York: C. M.Saxton.

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