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May 8 / 1858 Opened straw Hive of Mr Innes.

In irregular parts, where one cell covered 4 others, owing to the cells not opening opposite each other pyramidal bases had four sides

(The attachment, of comb very irregular to size: I cd detect to hexagonal upper cells but to base wax in all cases slightly concave, or sub-angular or flat & irregular They are not [precisely] angular. no doubt owing to surface.

The cells were, however in regular attendance on two sides, in every other way irregular. Nothing cd be less regular than cells when in at first interfered with their regular growth. —

I tending on Knife edge of Hive, there is no difficulty in striking to intermediate planes betwe to plane [illeg] between any two spheres, or spot where Bees are working on opposite sides of comb, which one at first thinks to be impossible, forgetting that production of pyramidical each rhomb is found on very edge of comb

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