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NOTE: With thanks to Dig Hadoke for advice on powder measurements.

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Recommended. strongly No. 7

Number of pellets to 1 oz. (of Maltby shot is 280

Get. "Mantons dealer punch."

Take an oz + 1/2 of shot. fill = quantity of powder

Powder [1 dram] + 1/2 of [1 dram] :+ 1/2 g shot

Never take down your gun. when once up

One or two feet before a bird at 60 yard

Game Laws

Certificate shooting without 20£

Without qualification 5£

{ No common person or gamekeeper can demand your certificate without producing his own

Penalty for killing game out of season 20£ or not so than 10

An unqualified person can only be convicted once in a day

If a person go after game he can be fined

{ A person with neither qual: [qualification] or lic: [license] may carry a gun so that he does not destroy game


{Information relative to game laws must be brought on in three months

Guns and Shooting

Guns and Shooting] written upside down from other entries on the page, not in Darwin's hand.

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