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Continued from CUL-DAR91.105-106


Botanical Works

On the various Contrivances by which British and foreign Orchids are fertilized. 1862

This work has been translated into German by Prof. Braun. & will soon appear in French.—

On the three remarkable sexual forms of Catasetum : Journal of Linn. Soc. Vol 6 1862 (Bot) p. 157.

On the Movements and Habits of Climbing plants: 1875 Journal of Linn. Soc. Vol 9 1865 (Bot.) p 1 to 118. This paper has been also been published as an separately work.

(Insectivorous Plants 1875)

On the action of sea water on the germination of seeds: Journal of Linn. Soc. Vol. 1 1857 (Bot) p 130.



Bot Works continued.

On the agency of Bees in the fertilization of Papilionaceous flowers: Annals of Nat. His. Vol 2 1858. p. 459.

On the two forms & dimorphic condition of the species of Primula: Journal of Linn. Soc. Vol 6 1862 (Bot) p. 77

On the existence of two forms and their reciprocal sexual relations, in the genus Linnum: Journal of Linn. Soc Vol 7 1863 (Bot) p 69.

On the Sexual relations of the three forms of Lythrum: Journal of Linn. Soc. Vol 8 1864 p 169



Bot Works Continued.

On the Character and hybrid-like nature of the offspring from the illegitimate offspring of dimorphic and trimorphic plants: Journal of Linn. Soc. Vol 10 1867 (Bot) p 393 to 437.

On the specific difference between Primula Veris and Vulgaris and on the hybrid nature of the common Oxlip: Journal of Linn. Soc. Vol 10 1867 (Bot) p 437 to 454

notes on the Fertilization of Orchids, Annals & Magazine of Natural History Sept. 1869.

Continued in CUL-DAR91.110-113

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