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Reproduced with permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library and William Huxley Darwin.


Continued from CUL-DAR91.107-109


Geological Works

The Structure & distribution of coral-reefs 1842. p 1-214 - Second Edit 1874.—

Geological observations on volcanic Islands 1846 1844. p. 1-175

Geological observations on South America 1846 p. 1-279

These three works are also sold bound together under the title of Geological Observations.

On the connection of the Volcanic phenomena in South America &c. In Vol V. of Transact. of Geolog. Soc. Read Mar. 1838.

On the distribution of the Erratic boulders in South America. Geolog. Transact. Vol. VI Read April 1841.



Geolog. Works cont

On the transportal of erratic boulders from a lower to a higher level. Journal of Geolog. Soc. 1848 p. 315.

Notes on the effects ancient glaciers of Caernarvonshire. London Philosoph. Mag. Vol. XXI 1842. p. 180.

Note on a rock seen on an ice-berg Journal Geographical Soc. Vol 9. 1839 p 528.

On the Geology of the Falkland Islands. Journal of Geolog. Soc. 1846 p. 267.

On a remarkable bar of sandstone off Pernambuco. London Philosoph. Mag. Oct. 1841. p. 257.


Work & Life


Geolog. Works Continued

On the formation of mould. Transact. Geolog. Soc. Vol V. p 505. Read Nov. 1837

On the parallel roads of Glen Roy. Transact. of Philosoph. Soc. 1839. p 39.

On the thickness of the Pampean formation near Buenos Ayres. Journal of Geolog. Soc. 1862. p. 68.

On the power of ice-bergs to make grooves on a sub-marine surface. London Philosoph. Mag. Aug. 1855.

An account of the fine dust which often falls on vessels in the Atlantic Ocean. Proceedings of Geolog. Soc. 1845. p. 26



Geolog Works Continued.

Origin of the Saliferous deposits of Patagonia. Journal of Geolog. Soc. vol 2 1838 p 127

The article Part "Geology," in the "Admirality manual of scientific enquiry." 1849. Third edit 1859

Remarks on Mr Mclaren's paper on Coral Islds. Edinburgh new Philosoph. Mag. Vol XXXIV 1843. p. 47-50.


Life & Work of C. Darwin

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